24 Gifts For Boys And Girls That Are So Cool, You'll Probably Want To Buy A Few For Yourself, Too

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If you ask me, finding Christmas presents for kids is the best part of the holiday season. When we were younger, all we wanted was for Santa to acknowledge how good we had been all year by delivering shiny new toys beneath our Christmas trees. We'd spend the 12 months prior, and those last 30 days in particular, paying attention to commercials for new dolls, toy cars, games, and craft sets, and taking notes on which ones to add to our wish lists. Sometimes we'd go crazy for that "hot new toy," and sometimes we'd just want a new teddy bear to snuggle with at night. But we remember how seriously we took Christmas because it was (and still is) the best day of the year.

As we're now fully grown adults who can rent cars and legally consume booze, we understand all the feels kids today experience during the Christmas season. And it’s what makes shopping for kids at Christmas so much fun! Those memories are still fresh, and we want to take all the joy we felt when our nice behavior was rewarded and pay it forward to the adorable little boys and girls in our lives. Here’s what they really want for Christmas this year. Just in case Santa is unable to get everything on their lists. Wink, wink.

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