9 Things To Never Say To a Hardcore Rihanna Fan

Like with many hardcore celebrity fan bases that are currently in existence, the wrath of Rihanna's Navy is absolutely merciless. Anyone who dares offend the Head Bad Gal in Charge or those amongst her dedicated fleet should prepare to be defeated in a battle of social media mudslinging that would scare off the biggest and the boldest of Rihanna's haters. What makes this even more of a contentious situation is that Rihanna herself has been known to directly address critics on social media, which is no shocker since the "What's My Name?" singer has said some of the most explicit things you'll ever hear a pop star utter.

Now, even though I'm no card-toting member of the Navy (I like Rihanna's music but she can defend herself better than I can), I've just so happened to bear witness to a few people who've been unfortunate enough to go against the grain by denying Rihanna's awesomeness. Needless to say, the outcome wasn't pretty. In the process, it became quite apparent that there are some solid boundaries that simply should not be crossed when one speaks of Rih Rih.

So, don't say you haven't been warned. Just trust me when I advise you to never, (as in ever, ever) say any of the following things to a Rihanna fan:

"Rihanna parties too much."

Um, excuse you? Rihanna works as hard as she pours it up. Now, that's how you ball out.

"Ugh, she's always naked in public."

As Rihanna stated when accepting the CFDA Style Icon Award, "She can beat me, but she can not beat my outfit," and, "Rules are meant to be broken." So don't hate on her barely-there clothing. Got it?

"She has another tattoo?!?"

Yep. You mad?

"She should date Drake."

NOOOOoooo. Just. No. Sorry not sorry, Drake.

"She'll never be Beyoncé."

And she's not trying to be! Girl, bye.

"Rihanna's a total mean girl."

Sure, Rihanna's tweets can cut to the core, but the Navy will have you know that Rihanna never starts anything with anyone, but she will finish it.

"Rihanna's a lazy performer who can't sing live."

Um, that doesn't exactly look like laziness to me. And Rihanna fans will sufficiently dispute this as total BS with play-by-plays of all the times she absolutely slayed that live rendition of "Stay," along with plenty of evidence on how her vocal performances have improved over the years.

"Rihanna's a terrible role model."

Yikes. If you ever say this to a Rihanna fan, be prepared to take cover immediately.

"But when she was with Chris Brown..."

Imma let you finish, but—actually, no I'm not. Real Rihanna fans are beyond sick of her automatically being associated with Brown. She's moved on and so should everyone else.

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