The 7 Most Explicit Things Rihanna Has Ever Said — She Isn't Called Bad Girl RiRi for Nothing

It doesn’t take a dedicated member of Rihanna’s Navy to know that the “Diamonds” singer fully embraces the concept of leaving nothing to the imagination, and that her intentional transparency goes well beyond her daring, barely-there outfit choices. Not only is she the incredibly gutsy chick who shows up to an awards ceremony wearing the least amount of clothing possible (and looks fabulous while doing so), but she's also the girl who says exactly what she wants when she wants with no apologies.

Unapologetic wasn’t the only album title to mesh perfectly with Rihanna’s bold, uncensored persona. There was the obvious Good Girl Gone Bad, Loud, Talk That Talk and most notably, her fourth album Rated R. Released five years ago, the title Rated R serves as the most accurate description of her tendency to speak in the most unfiltered manner. Whether it’s through her brow-raising tweets, Instagram posts or tell-all magazine interviews, Rihanna’s quotes are often golden and bound to have everyone waiting for what she’ll say next. That’s also another reason to be excited for Rihanna’s upcoming eighth album R8, which Ne-Yo says is incredible.

Until Rihanna drops some new music that will undoubtedly include her signature brash lyrics, check out the seven of the most explicit things Rihanna has ever said:

The time she tweeted "F*** you" to CBS.

The network incurred the wrath of the singer when they canceled her performance in light of the Ray Rice domestic violence scandal.

The time she said she wanted "great food and great sex" for Christmas

She showed everyone where she earned the nickname Bad Gal Riri by sharing her naughty Christmas list.

The time she went off on TLC on Twitter

Rihanna didn't take too kindly to accusations that the 90s girl group slut-shamed her during an interview and wasted no time posting one of her fiery Twitter retorts.

Her response to possibly working with Chris Brown

Far be it from Rihanna to issue the standard response of "Hell no."

The time she slammed Ciara on Instagram

Never one for subtlety, Rihanna dissed the "Body Party" singer by writing, "Why am I still the main topic of her interviews!! She don't be shame tho? How she let em play her like that everytime?? It's like, 'yea I know you're here to about (insert album title) but we wanna talk about a more relevant topic…Rihanna!!! Like she sits there and falls for it everytime!!!! #whurrisyopublicist."

When she said she wanted her guy to dominate in the bedroom.

In a 2011 Glamour interview, Rihanna said, "I feel like that’s the time when a guy really gets to be a man, and I get to be a woman. And if I’m being a man in the bedroom too, there’s nothing really in it for me."

The time she revealed her work mantra

In an interview for the December issue of Elle magazine, Rihanna offered her simple approach to being an international

superstar: "F*ck bitches, get money."

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