Aaron Paul's Taking All Your Questions Right Now

If you've ever had anything important in your life that you've wanted to ask Aaron Paul, now's your chance: The Breaking Bad star is currently answering all of your questions live on the show's Facebook page, a) because that's just the type of cool person he is, b) he seems to love talking about Breaking Bad as much as the next fan does, and c) as a bid to raise money for the Kind Campaign. He's also offering the chance to go to L.A. and watch the Breaking Bad finale with him, so yeah, this is kind of an awesome promotion.

Similar to his Reddit AMA, I expect there to be lots of fun tidbits about the show revealed, and it seems like they're already starting:

Samantha Mazzola: "Hey Aaron, given how many times you've seen Bryan Cranston in his tighty whities, do you think you're essentially in a common law marriage at this point?"Aaron Paul: "Haha! I love you for asking that. And yes, we are in fact in a common law marriage. I would have to say I've seen Bryan Cranston in his underwear at least a couple dozen times and it's always a good time."

Karly Scherer: "Are you satisfied personally with the ending of the series :)?"Aaron Paul: "Yes. Absolutely. You all are going to be screaming at your television and quite possibly breaking a lot of shit, but deep down you will also be very happy with the madness that you are witnessing."

To check out the rest of Paul's answers, head on over to Breaking Bad 's Facebook now.