19 Last Minute Secret Santa Gifts You Can Still Buy in Time for the Office Party

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The holiday party is just around the corner — gah! We know, we know, you’ve had one million things to do and you’re barely maintaining your sanity. Your Secret Santa gift has been firmly placed at the bottom of your list of holiday priorities, and now you’ve just about run out of time. Black Friday is finally over, and you won’t need to see the terrible words “Cyber” and “Monday” pushed together for another full year. Phew. As great as those shopping holidays are for your budget, they’re kind of the worst in every other aspect. Maybe if you had gotten your Secret Santa gift then, you’d be able to justify the cost of the mani you KNOW your poor little mitts will need once the gift wrapping is complete. Don’t fret though, my friend. All hope is not lost.

Thanks to the magic of the Interweb, paired with our incessant need to have everything right now, you can find the best gift for your chosen person and have it sent to you within a few days. All of the following items are cool, fun, and unique, and all are available through online stores that offer fast (and mostly free) shipping options.

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