15 Funny Secret Santa Gifts That Are Definitely LOL-Worthy

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Having a Secret Santa gift exchange is pretty much saying, "Yes — I'd like to pay 20 bucks to be sorely disappointed!" Cynicism aside, they have the potential to be pretty fun. Especially if you're with a group that actually takes the time to find something unique, hilarious, and "totally you!" and not something embarrassing that you have to open up in front of a bunch of acquaintances.

Real Question: Does anyone actively use a Secret Santa gift after January 1st? Probably not, unless the budget is extremely high/the gift-giver has a massive, weird crush on you, right? I mean, what if your Secret Santa recipient is that weird guy in accounting, who always stares at you for one uncomfortable second too many after a totally thrilling conversation about how it's supposed to snow? I guess you could always get him a calculator, right? I mean, he obviously loves numbers. Numbers are his jam.

But I digress. It's much better to exchange gifts using the Secret Santa technique than the Nasty Christmas technique, which usually ends in boredom and tears. And if you really want to get a genuine "LOL" from the lucky individual whose name you drew from the hat, here are some great suggestions on what to buy.

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