15 Funny Secret Santa Gifts That Are Definitely LOL-Worthy

Having a Secret Santa gift exchange is pretty much saying, "Yes — I'd like to pay 20 bucks to be sorely disappointed!" Cynicism aside, they have the potential to be pretty fun. Especially if you're with a group that actually takes the time to find something unique, hilarious, and "totally you!" and not something embarrassing that you have to open up in front of a bunch of acquaintances.

Real Question: Does anyone actively use a Secret Santa gift after January 1st? Probably not, unless the budget is extremely high/the gift-giver has a massive, weird crush on you, right? I mean, what if your Secret Santa recipient is that weird guy in accounting, who always stares at you for one uncomfortable second too many after a totally thrilling conversation about how it's supposed to snow? I guess you could always get him a calculator, right? I mean, he obviously loves numbers. Numbers are his jam.

But I digress. It's much better to exchange gifts using the Secret Santa technique than the Nasty Christmas technique, which usually ends in boredom and tears. And if you really want to get a genuine "LOL" from the lucky individual whose name you drew from the hat, here are some great suggestions on what to buy.

"Random Kindness Bag"

If your friend isn’t too picky about tote bags, this might be a winner. This bag is gigantic, and can fit just about anything and everything. And chances are, your friend has a lot of crap that needs to be transported. It’s a match!

Random Kindness Bag, $12, Amazon

Captain Jules's Useless Box

Well, ThinkGeek didn’t lie about this one. It’s useless, but it’s still… well, kind of cool. The box turns itself on, and then turns itself off. That’s it. However, it does look pretty. And it’s sure to make guests question “what the heck is that box all about?” when they come to visit over the holidays.

Captain Jules’s Useless Box , $45, Amazon

Ugly Sweater

If you’re truly out of ideas, this sweater might be just the ticket. Especially since everyone in the world is having Ugly Sweater parties these days. This personalizes that experience just a little bit more. “Yes — Annie found the perfect outfit to wear, and it’s all thanks to me, her extra special Secret Santa.”

All My Secret Santa Got Me Was This Lousy Ugly Sweater, $19, Etsy

Emergency Compliment Book

As the old saying goes, if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Never find yourself speechless again thanks to this life-saving book.

Emergency Compliment Book, $11, Amazon

"World's Okayest Uncle" Shirt

Surely, a lot of your guy friends/obnoxiously loud coworkers have siblings that are spitting out kids. And I’m sure they talk about their niece or nephew a lot, as they should. You’ve seen pictures, and you’ve heard stories. You’ve feared the watercooler after knowing that they went home for the weekend to visit, since first words and first steps are in the mix. Since you don’t want their ego to get too powerful, this shirt will properly put them in their place.

World’s Okayest Uncle, $13, Etsy

'Dear Secret Santa' DVD

Listen. I don’t know what this movie is about. Supposedly it’s by Lifetime, who recently brought us the amazing Saved By The Bell unauthorized movie. It’s probably a romantic comedy, focusing around a Secret Santa exchange. The bonus is, your recipient will totally have to watch this movie to see if there’s some kind of hidden message within the movie. There won’t be.

Dear Secret Santa ,’ $6, Amazon

Vodka Jelly Babies

Does your friend like to let loose? Are they 30, but still party like it’s their 21st birthday? Make boozing more fun for them with these Vodka Jelly Babies. Pretty much, it’s a mold to make Jello Shots less boring. Christmas side note: They somewhat resemble snowmen.

Vodka Jelly Babies, $7.99, Spencer Gifts

"All I Want Is Pizza And Harry Styles" Sweatshirt

Are you gifting a teen, or a woman in her mid-40’s who still enjoys teen-like stuff? This sweatshirt will be perfect. Or, even better — gift it to the office hard-ass, who listens to Billy Joel (and seriously, I don’t mean that to be an insult), and has to actually google “Harry Styles” to understand his or her own present.

All I Want Is Pizza And Harry Styles, $20, Etsy

"Hostessing Quills" Dish

This one is just so amazingly weird, which is why I love it. Santa and a porcupine? Obviously the recipient can hide the weirdness with crackers and cheese during his or her amazing holiday party. Yet if they happen to love olives, this might be the perfect choice. (Note: If you choose this gift, be prepared to see it on Instagram later with a #WTF.)

Hostessing Quills, $11, ModCloth

8-Bit LED Holiday Wreath

Does your Secret Santa recipient love old school video games AND Christmas? Voila! Perfect, hilarious gift right here. Even better, they can use it as decor every Christmas until their tastes change/the neighbors complain.

8-Bit LED Holiday Wreath, $36, Amazon

'Hungover Cookbook'

Sometimes, hangovers are inevitable — especially during the holidays. Really, you’re doing your Secret Santa recipient a favor by gifting them this book. With recipes designed to fight different types of hangovers, this is a present they’ll actually use.

Hungover Cookbook,’ $8, Amazon

"All Your Ornaments Are History"

Does your Secret Santa own any pets at all? Buy this. Seriously. I personally own both a cat and a dog, which means that Christmas is a fearful moment of my life. Will my cat climb the tree, like Garfield did in his Christmas special? Will she chew the wires, like in Christmas Vacation? This cute and inexpensive gift should make them smile.

Kitty Loves Christmas Ornaments, $5, Etsy

"Funnyside Up" Breakfast Kit

Breakfast is the best meal of the day, hands down. Come on! Bacon, eggs, toast, and other possible meats? Even if you’re a fan of cottage cheese and yogurt, I’m sure you appreciate the “full hot breakfast” every once in awhile. Make it special for your Secret Santa recipient, by making it absolutely adorable. So adorable that maybe — just maybe — you can’t even eat it. (Wait — no. Bacon is involved, so you can definitely dig in.)

Funnyside Up, $10, Amazon

Knitted Reindeer Tights

Gifting a hipster? These reindeer tights are hilarious, but… the gift-getter might still wear them. Even after the holidays.

Here’s the thing. As humans, we can overall agree that these are creepy and lame, but we can also admit that the right person who wears these might make them awesome. Maybe.

At least they’re festive.

Nordic Snowflake Reindeer Tights, $14, Amazon

Grumposaur Mug

Chances are you know a grumposaur or two who would appreciate a mug like this.

Grumposaur Mug, $16, ShopPlasticLand