Harrison Wells Knows Oliver Queen's Identity & Father, But What Does 'The Flash' Scientist Want with 'Arrow'?

By the end of Tuesday night's Arrow and Flash crossover palooza, all of S.T.A.R. Labs knew the Arrow’s identity, which makes me wonder – what happened when Harrison Wells met Oliver Queens' father? At first it seemed he was interested in just Oliver, but The Arrow doesn’t have any metahuman powers to spark Harrison’s interest, and in all the years that Harrison and the Arrow have supposedly co-existed a few hundred miles away from each other, only now does Harrison suddenly seem wrapped up in Oliver's intentions. Is there a chance that Harrison has a grudge against Oliver's father? Or that he has a grudge with Oliver over something that has yet to happen?

A grudge against him would explain Harrison's sudden obsession with unmasking the Arrow – so far Harrison’s newspapers from the future haven’t revealed much about Oliver Queen (aside from a merger of Queen Consolidated and Wayne Tech – nerd rage), so the show has left it wide open for Harrison to form a grudge over something that has yet to happen in this timeline. Or maybe Harrison is just defensive about someone interfering with helping Barry train, since Harrison seems pretty intent on manipulating all of the circumstances around Barry’s abilities himself.

We know for a fact that Oliver Queen is a straight arrow (I slay me) on the morality scale, so Harrison's distrust of him only further leads me to believe that Harrison might be a villain. Why else would he be trying to interfere with Oliver helping Barry become better at his everyday heroics? But of course, the more important issue here is what Harrison is going to do now that he knows Oliver's identity. Something tells me that he isn't just going to let that key piece of information slide on by without taking advantage of it. But hey, if it means more potential crossover episodes, then I'm the last person to complain.

Image: Diyah Pera/The CW