20 Cheap Secret Santa Gifts Under $20, Because Holiday Miracles Do Happen

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The holiday season is officially underway and by now, you’re probably just beginning to enter that panicked and overwhelmed gift shopping mode. Braving store crowds and mall madness to try to find the perfect Secret Santa gift for a friend, relative, or co-worker is difficult enough on its own, but it can be even more challenging when your Secret Santa pool requires you to stay under a low price point. While sticking within a specific range may be great for your bank account, it can also make it tougher to find the right present. After all, it’s not easy to find a practical, fun, and enjoyable gift for $10 and under. Luckily, you don’t need to stress about it — we did the legwork for you.

From cute accessories to beauty must-haves, these items are sure to be a hit with those in your Secret Santa circle. In fact, these picks will have everyone wishing you drew their name. But the absolute best part? All of these options are so ridiculously affordable, it’s almost hard to believe those are their actual prices.

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