Khloe Kardashian's Nose Ring Takes Trendy Face Jewelry To New Levels

So this is how the Kardashians do nose rings! Khloe Kardashian, who is the master of perfectly posed, eternally bronzed selfies, posted two brand new shots with a huge, hoop nose ring. No, Khloe did not hop on the celeb septum ring piercing trend and the piece is not through the middle cartilage. It's through her nostril and connected to her ear, so it's face jewelry. Her baby sister Kendall rocked this look last spring, too, so it's obvious that the Kardashian sisters influence once another in a cyclical way.

The ring is clearly a fake that is meant to be worn in certain situations as opposed to an everyday look. But it's certainly a statement maker and, let's be honest, totally trendy.

Even though your eye is immediately drawn to Kardashian's bling-ed out face accessory, her makeup is totally bangin', too. Her super curled lashes (which are probably helped by extensions) make her eyes appear extra wide and open. The accompanying sunset smoky eye is gorgeous on her. And her extreme ombre hair is so rock 'n' roll. I'm just adoring what's she pumping, regardless of her nose ring — which could probably have its own zip code.

It's sort of exotic face bling, isn't it?

That's some nose ring, but she rocks it and can pull it off.

In case you missed it, this happened... back in the spring. It's Kendall's version of a nose ring, which took up about 50 percent of the lower half of her pretty face.

Side note: it looks like Khloe is also learning some makeup tips from her other baby sister Kylie, who has been bored by all the talk about her inflated lips — which she claims is the work of lip liner and which a brave Bustle writer actually test drove in real life! Khloe's pout is very full and very sexy, expertly lined, and it looks like a nude matte lipstick or maybe even liner. Kim Kardashian has said that the sisters ask Kylie about her makeup secrets and it appears as though Khloe is doing samesies.

Images: Khloe Kardashian/Instagram (2); Kendall Jenner/Instagram (1)