Who Is Matt Rosenberg? Haylie Duff Is Having a Baby with a Man in the Cutthroat T-Shirt Business

Haylie Duff bought some exceedingly tiny shoes this week, which can only mean one thing: the Duff sister has undergone massive foot reduction surgery for the express purpose of fitting into baby-sized footwear. Nah, just playin', guys. Obviously, this means that Haylie Duff is expecting her first child, a baby girl, with her fiancé Matt Rosenberg. Duff shared the news on her cooking blog Real Girls' Kitchen, writing, "Today we have big, exciting, wonderful, magical, amazing news! Matty and I are expecting a baby girl!" Speaking of, who is Matt Rosenberg, Haylie Duff's fiancé/baby daddy? It is of utmost importance that we know everything there is to know about the man who has fathered Lizzie McGuire's first niece. Our lives depend on it.

Earlier this year, the 29-year-old actress announced her engagement to Rosenberg via her blog "Matt took me by total surprise and proposed," the actress swooned in a post. Seems like he's got a good sense of humor because he chose April Fools' Day to pop the question. Way to set something up to seem like a practical joke but be totally serious, dude.

Another matter he doesn't joke around with is his business as a t-shirt entrepreneur. Ah, those millennials and their lifestyle start-ups. Rosenberg's apparel company is called "Subway Tile Shirts" which is a pretty self-explanatory title. He sells tees with notable New York City Subway tile mosaics screen printed on the front, like so:

"Subway Tile Shirts is inspired by the best of New York City," the website reads, "each of our products is unique, just like each of the city’s five boroughs." There you have it: all the charm of the New York City Subway system, minus the delays because of "train traffic ahead of us."

Even his in-laws-to-be are supporting him! Check out Hil-dawg in her STS shirt:

Now, let's get a load of this budding t-shirt impresario. Without further ado, here's the man behind the shirts:

He loves hanging out with his bros at brochella...

As well as spending time lying in a pile of puppies. Here are his "daughters Shelby, Birdie, and Chicken."

Let's not forget, he's gonna be adding a human daughter to that roster pretty soon.

They're gonna be one big happy family... GAWW!

Sounds like Subway Tile Shirts is gonna have to branch off into Subway Tile Onesies, so that he can manufacture all of his child's Brooklyn Without Limits-style clothing. This kid is gonna be born with a silver beanie affixed atop her head.

Image: Subway Tile Shirts (2); Haylie Duff (2), MR_STS (2), Hilary Duff/Instagram