You Probably Don't Think Arby's Can Be Funny, But They Were Just Really Funny — VIDEO

Every now and then, you have an "uh oh" moment: You forgot your friend's birthday, or realize the rent was due two days ago, or that you forgot your ID and you are now the soberest person at girls' night out. All of these things are fleeting or easily fixed—but what if you just completely, entirely, catastrophically screwed up? That's what happened when Arby's forgot its deal to put Pepsi in two of its commercials this year, and created a prolific apology ad to make up for it.

And YIKES, they are getting it in just under the wire, because in case you haven't looked at a calendar lately, we're running out of days in 2014. Apparently Arby's changed a lot of its marketing platforms this year to focus on its "We Have The Meats" campaign, including the apocalyptically large Meat Mountain (I would list off everything that is in it, but we might be here for DAYS). There is way too much meat in that "sandwich" to have room onscreen to feature Pepsi, let alone the living, breathing heart-attack-waiting-to-happen who eats it.

This commercial is literally just thirty seconds of glamour shots of Pepsi, talking about how great Pepsi is, and maybe even making us all feel a little bit uncomfortably turned on by Pepsi. I don't even like soda (I'm a Capri Sun kid to the grave), but this commercial almost made me want some despite my loyalties.

In any case, I'm a huge fan of this brand of honesty. I wish we could all feel this comfortable owning up to our mistakes (and also be this funny about it). Pepsi seems to have forgiven Arby's for the time being:

I wonder if after the snafu they'll draw up the same deal for 2015, and if that too will end in a year end ad as bizarre and wonderful as this:

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Images: Getty Images; Pepsi/Twitter