Katherine Heigl's 'State Of Affairs' Is Getting Subtweeted By the CIA — 3 Shows They Should Look to Next

The new NBC show State Of Affairs has only been on the air for three weeks, but it's already grabbing the attention of the real-life CIA. Or at least, it's inspired the CIA to passive-agressively subtweet the Katherine Heigl-starring series. A CIA spokesperson talked to (of all places) TMZ and confirmed that the agency is using State Of Affairs' Monday timeslot to livetweet/subtweet reactions and "counter popular myths and misconceptions about the Agency." As TMZ described one of the incidents:

In [one] episode Heigl's character has a face-to-face meeting with CIA honchos. The Agency tweeted during the show that face-to-face meetings of this sort are extremely dangerous because enemies can target all of them at once. The CIA tweeted the preferable mode of communication is a "dead drop"... where materials are left for the recipient at a prearranged location.

Another episode involved Alfre Woodard's President character getting her Presidential Daily Briefing from a stack of papers. This, the CIA would like you to know, is inaccurate — modern presidents (AKA President Obama) receive these briefings on an iPad, likely because of convenience and security options. The official CIA twitter tweeted as much during Monday's episode, albeit without calling out State Of Affairs by name.

During the previous week's episode:

If you ask me, though, the CIA should really turn its attention to some other shows that feign CIA knowledge.


Someone's gotta sort out this prolonged B613 nonsense once and for all.


That Carrie Mathison, guys. She's got some pret-ty sketchy practices.

Agents Of SHIELD

Just tell us about your superheroes, CIA!

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