Laci Green Takes Our Emoji Challenge, But With a Feminist Twist

YouTube vlogger Laci Green has made a huge mark on the Internet and there's no doubt that she will continue to do so in the future. As the current host of the web series MTV Braless and a woman who has "always been a feminist," the fact that she most often bases her videos around feminist topics, and sexuality, should come as no surprise. Green has a lot to say on the topic of feminism, a lot more than we even had time to cover, but that doesn't mean that she wasn't willing to have a little fun with it. When presented with the task of taking our emoji challenge, Green was nothing if not excited and the results were, well, hilarious.

"I love emojis. I'm so ready for this," the YouTube star said when she heard about the game. In return, she was presented with seven feminist or feminism-related topics and asked to describe them in emojis. It sounds a lot simpler than it actually is, but not only did Green rise to the challenge — she also somehow managed to do it without repeating any emojis. (Though, to be fair, she was actively trying to avoid it.) So how does Green feel about these following topics emoji-wise? Let's find out...

MTV Braless

A web show starring a feminist that's about feminism? The heat of Green's love for the program can definitely be felt.

Laci Green

How does one describe oneself in emojis? You'd think that would be a challenge, but Green settled fairly easily on the dancing woman in the red dress. Now having spoken with her, I can attest to how accurate this is.

Taylor Swift

I'm not sure if Green associates Swift so strongly with music because she is, in fact, a musician, because her latest (and feminist) album is the greatest music we've heard from her yet, or simply because she writes her own songs — but no matter which it is, I agree.


Quite honestly, a simple crown to represent Beyoncé would have been true as all hell in my book, but Green adds the nail painting emoji as well — likely because Beyoncé has practically weaponized femininity these days.


She wanted to use the red dress woman dancing emoji for this subject as well, but instead settled on the cool guy emoji. After all, twerking is cool. You express your sexuality and own it, ladies.


Frozen is not only my favorite Disney movie; it's also incredibly feminist for many reasons — hence why Green said, "I can't mess this up!" And she definitely didn't; her emoji choices were an on point description of the film.


Green describes this one as, "hands together like you're saying 'thank you'," which is a pretty good summary of how she views the history of the movement.

Image: YouTube; Kadeen Griffiths