The 20 Best Female Characters in 2014 Movies That You Need to Know About

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Come February, America will be forced to narrow down its discussion of acting gravitas displayed over the course of 2014 to just a handful of names. We'll find a few bona fide winners in the Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress categories, sure, but that leaves a slew of overlooked triumphs in the realm of tremendous female characters and performances. The past year has shown quite an impressive lot of heroines and villainesses, comediennes and dramatic actresses, and other constructs with superfluous gender-qualifying suffixes. In short, there've been a ton of great female performances this year. Since the Oscars isn't capable of paying tribute to all deserving parties, I'll do it for them.

Ranked from good to great to downright fantastic, this list celebrates the 20 best female characters to hit theaters so far over the course of 2014. With a range that includes crime-fighting sleuths, put-upon victims of adolescence, world travelers, wily ne'er-do-wells, supernatural creatures, and just your average ladies trying to figure out what this crazy world means, I believe we've got all bases covered. Of course there are plenty of wonderful female roles from the past year that didn't make the cut, but that only serves to further appreciation for just how great these 20 really are.

So check out our list of the 20 Best Female Characters in 2014 Movies... it might remind you of some of the year's best films that you've been meaning to check out (or rewatch) before December comes to a close.

Image: Zeitgeist Films

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