"Gangnam Style" Music Video Breaks YouTube Counter Because People Can't Stop Watching It

I'm beyond elated to have the honor of introducing the music video that will. Not. Stop. More than a year after joining Justin Bieber's "Baby" video in the 1 billion-plus views on YouTube club, K-pop star Psy's "Gangnam Style" video broke YouTube's counter. Billboard reports that once the video surpassed the 2.15 billion-mark on Monday, it temporarily screwed up YouTube's ability to keep track of anyone else who was watching the infectious and widely popular galloping routine. If Psy thought reaching 2 billion views was "burdensome," then he must be completely inconsolable right about now. The fact that this video continues to rack up views at such a feverish pace is absolutely mind-boggling.

"Gangnam Style" exploded onto the music scene back in 2012, which practically makes it a fossil in terms of songs. I can barely recall music that was released two months ago, let alone in the far-off land of two years past. Anyway, I suppose this means Psy's video has officially ventured into uber-viral territory, far past the realm of the Harlem Shake frenzy and all the other popular YouTube videos from 2013. But, there's still the matter of understanding why this happened. Just who are these viewers? Is there anyone left on Earth who hasn't seen this video by now? The song's been played everywhere from wedding halls to cruise ship dining rooms, but apparently the video still has miles to go before it sleeps.

Critical analysis aside, for anyone who has yet to view the video, 1) welcome to planet Earth and where the hell have you been? and 2) fear not because YouTube already repaired the broken counter. The site doesn't anticipate anymore problems of this magnitude until a video exceeds 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 views. By the time this news reaches the world, Psy will likely be well on its way to reaching that astronomical number of views.