42 Sexy Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Friends, and Even Yourself

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Gift guides are a dime a dozen at this time of the year, and the problem is that so many of them are incredibly boring. They’re filled with same gimmicky gifts that you just know are going to wind up sitting unopened, being regifted, or getting tossed out with the tinsel. Your boyfriend doesn’t need another pair of socks. Your best friend doesn’t need another coffee mug. No one needs those damn whiskey rocks. Why not try something new this year, and spice up your holiday gift giving with sexy presents that will bring real and lasting pleasure to your loved ones? Who says the holidays have to be G-rated?

Giving a sexy gift is really not that strange if you think about it. We’re all so crazed, stressed, depressed, and anxious around this time of the year, that we could all benefit from slowing down, getting more in touch with our bodies, and spending quality alone time with our partners. A potential orgasm is just the icing on the cake.

This gift guide is filled with flirty, sensual, arousing, and downright hot gifts for the most important people on your list. And don’t worry — it’s not all just vibrators. I have suggested a couple of my favorite sex toys, but there are also plenty of gifts to sneakily introduce the idea of pleasure and enjoyment. Here are my picks for the sexiest gifts for girlfriends, boyfriends, friends, and even, yourself.

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