Seth MacFarlane's Performance At 'Christmas In Rockefeller Center' Was Enjoyable But Didn't Detract His Haters

Every year Christmas at Rockefeller Center is an family friendly, entertaining night of television that signifies the start of the after-Thanksgiving holiday season. But this year the show has been plagued by some dark clouds including a rather uneventful performance schedule and more importantly Wednesday night's protests about the recent Eric Garner case from New York in which the grand jury chose not to indict Officer Daniel Pantaleo for the Garner's death. But there was surprisingly one light and fun moment from the event from a surprising celebrity: Seth MacFarlane. I know, right? While performances from Mariah Carey, Darius Rucker, Idina Menzel and Trisha Yearwood slightly underwhelmed and performances from Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett and LeAnn Rimes were just a bit weird, Seth MacFarlane's performance of "Baby It's Cold Outside" with the always great Sara Bareillis. But as per usual, the performance had a mixed reaction from social media.

Personally, I thought the performance was the the perfect length, sweet, and was infused with some great personality. Obviously the song itself is a bit questionable, I mean, the lyrics for the song include "Say, what's in this drink?" and "There's bound to be talk tomorrow... At least there will be plenty implied." But the overall song is just so much fun that it's almost impossible for me to really hate on it. MacFarlane seemed to really be enjoying himself while performing the song which made watching it more fun for everyone. Many on Twitter seemed to agree and though some made jokes about MacFarlane's choice of song, the overall feeling was that the performance was quite enjoyable.

Who knew MacFarlane had a holiday CD? There were of course some people who were confused by Seth MacFarlane's appearance and decided to make a joke about it as per usual:

To be fair, the above tweeter is not wrong. I half expected MacFarlane to perform the song as Brian from Family Guy. Other tweeters decided to compare MacFarlane's performance to LeAnn Rimes weirder song selection and execution:

But of course, there were the haters who both didn't enjoy the performance and generally don't seem to enjoy MacFarlane in general.

While I understand disliking MacFarlane for his uncomfortable, slightly misogynistic work in the past, I say for this holiday season, why not forget about those issues at the moment and enjoy the performance for what it is: A slightly creepy, albeit fun song for the holiday season.