It Was a Rough Day For the Mott Family

If you are the member of the Mott family and resided in the town of Jupiter, Fl. back in 1952, chances are you really weren't having the best day. For Wednesday night's AHS: Freak Show episode "Blood Bath" proved to be quite literal. Not only did Dandy kill his mother, Gloria, but he then proceeded to take a bath in her blood immediately afterward. I've never really been a big bath person myself, but I think I can safely assume that this is not normal bath behavior, even back then. So now we've managed to lose both Kathy Bates and Frances Conroy all in the same night. I hope you're happy, Ryan Murphy!

Seriously, though. First Elsa kills Ethel after a truly epic showdown between Bates and Jessica Lange — something I'd been hoping would happen all season. And now Dandy has killed off the only person I thought would be completely off limits from his murderous wrath. I mean, killing one's mother is pretty a hardcore move and proves that there really is no saving Dandy at this point. He's crossed a line there's just no coming back from. (Also, do you think he's a Sons of Anarchy fan? Because I'm starting to sense a pattern here. Maybe he and Jax Teller should form some sort of club.)

Nevertheless, there will be no stopping Dandy now. He's officially graduated from crazy clown to full-on psychopath, and now that he's developed a real taste for blood, I have a feeling this is only just the beginning. (Gabourey Sidibe's death seems inevitable at this point, doesn't it?) But one thing's for damn sure — it's going to take more than one bathtub to hold all the blood Dandy's about to shed. Brace yourselves, folks.

Images: Michele K. Short/FX