We Need Gabourey To Stick Around On 'AHS'

In a season already packed with a dozen famous guest stars, Gabourey Sidibe is back on American Horror Story, as the daughter of Patti LaBelle's maid character, Dora. But I'm worried that Ryan Murphy is going to reintroduce her just so he can kill her off in this week's "Blood Bath." Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and co. love bringing on fancy guest stars just to kill them off, like they did with Matt Bomer earlier this season… and his end was not pretty. Hopefully Sidibe will have a little bit more staying power, since so far Dandy and Gloria have been one of the best parts of Freak Show and, bar none, are the "freakiest" characters even though they're rich and superficially normal.

Even though her first scene, a phone conversation with Frances Conroy's ****utterly genius**** and super crazy Gloria Mott, was somewhat awkward, she did get a few lines that felt like the audience was getting the chance to voice what they'd been feeling about the creepy, weird Mott family. Hopefully, now that she's decided to mount her own investigation into her mother's disappearance, she'll keep being a mouthpiece for the audience, especially since so many things about this season don't really make perfect sense. I was begging for Dot to blurt out how scary Dandy is last week, but she's far too cautious. Now, Sidibe's character is practical and smart, but she has a whole life outside of Jupiter, Florida, so the rich, influential Mott family shouldn't intimidate her. But all the confidence in the world won't stop Dandy's deranged kitchen knife.

But there's one reason to hold out hope. Next week's episode is called "The Fat Lady Sings," which, while not very PC (though when has Ryan Murphy ever been PC?) could be a reference to Sidibe's character either telling the police the truth about the freak show or Dandy, or… you know, actually singing. Unfortunately, the show is also introducing a character played by Chrissy Metz who could also be interpreted as the titular "Fat Lady." So maybe that's not insurance enough to guarantee that we'll be getting more Gabby on AHS.

But this season, at least in my mind, has been the black women taking absolutely no crap from anyone. Angela Bassett has given it to Dell every time he's even looked at her sideways, and I wish she would officially leave him already. And Labelle's Dora may have had a disgusting death scene, but she also read Dandy to hell and back first. And gave a fantastic Woody Woodpecker impression while doing it.

Hopefully Sidibe will be a part of that awesome trend and let the Motts know exactly how screwed up they are before she meets an untimely end.

Image: Michele K. Short/FX; Giphy