17 Gifts For Your Boyfriend's Dad That Are More Than Just Gift Cards To All His Favorite Places

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If finding holiday gifts for Dad didn't seem troublesome enough this holiday season, throw in a trip to the mall to pick up something with personality, but not too personal for your significant other's dad too. (And you thought picking out something for you own father was bad. Ha!)

Picking out a little something special for your significant other's dad isn't as simple as stocking up on lotions or candles. Men aren't always easy to shop for — not like women. They don't give details; they give the bare minimum. They either want "a book," or "whatever you think is best," or — best of all — they want "nothing." (Lies, all lies.)

And when you're shopping for your SO's dad, everything gets much, much more complicated. You don't want to pick up something too basic, like socks or t-shirts, and you absolutely don't want to be the person who shows up with an impersonal gift card that you probably picked up on the way over. So what do you get for a guy you don't really know all that well? Here are a few ideas.

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