Miley Cyrus Wears Silver Pasties And Matching Wig, Looks Like A Disco Ball Mermaid Hybrid Creature

Miley Cyrus dressing outrageously is expected at this point. She's elevated herself to an edgy fashion icon since chopping her hair and ditching her bun. Going semi-topless and showing us how to wear pasties somewhat artfully is not a new thing in Miley Cyrus fashion. Most recently, Miley Cyrus wore silver pasties and a matching, tinsel-like wig at an Art Basel event in Miami — and it looked fantastically insane.

'Tis the season to wear tinsel, right? Cyrus amped up the disco ball-meets-silver mermaid effect by slathering herself with slime green — like Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards green slime green — body paint, too. She-Hulk Miley? Yes, please.

The colorful look didn't stop with the body paint, though. She rocked electric blue eye shadow rings around her peepers, too.

On anyone else, this is a mess of the hottest sort. But given Miley's DGAF attitude and her confidence, she's got this down. It's not a look you or I would wear at any other time than Halloween, though. Still, we can marvel at Miley Cyrus' ability to mix many totally incongruous elements and have us going, "Sure. That works." Pasties are not easy to pull off, since, you know, they don't provide any support, but worn with a little confidence? They're totally legit.

Cyrus also shared this snap on Instagram, noting that she got her cagelike, see-through shirt from a stripper. Score!

Image: Miley Cyrus/Instagram