13 Fashion Resolutions To Make In 2015

With New Year's Eve comes the unavoidable question: "What resolutions will you make for the next year?" These little wishes/goals can encompass just about anything, from, "Be nicer to my parents" to "be the first female president." But quite often, they're geared at our bodies. "I resolve to lose 30 pounds." "I resolve to fit into those jeans that have been in my closet since 1999." There are obvious body snark undertones to these quests for greater happiness that start creeping into our psyches just around the time the ball drops in Times Square. Because the new year isn't just emblematic of new opportunities, new adventures or new escapades — it's also metaphorical for all our new selves to be. For all the things we want to change. All the versions of ourselves we want to let shine. And all the fashion we want to wear.

I'm all for "betting yourself" and changing destructive life patterns and working on your emotional and physical wellbeing. But what I'm not all for is the idea that we have to live our lives by some kind of invisible rulebook of style. There are so many fashion no-nos out there. Trends change faster than I change my undies (OK, maybe that's an exaggeration). And the world is full with these bizarre-o things we tell ourselves we have to do in order to look fashionable. So what I'm proposing for 2015 is that we toss them to the side. The whole "you do you" thing is profoundly valid, and it should apply to our choices in clothing along with everything else.

So let our fashion resolutions be positive in the coming 12 months — because there's a lot of shit we can't control in this world, but feeling good in our clothes isn't one of them.

1. Embrace the sneaks

As someone who is inherently clumsy, heels are my very own frenemies. I love the way they look — not so much how they feel. And I have an inkling that many women feel the same. I know sneakers aren't traditionally the most glam shoewear out there, but they're certainly one of the comfiest. And comfort is far too underrated.

Steve Madden Quilted Slip-On Sneaker, $59.95, Amazon

2. Don't focus on "flattering"

Oh, how I detest this word — mostly because it just makes no sense. Beauty is such a subjective thing — and yet we insist on trying to aspire to one linear version of it. I get wanting to look like your best you, but that doesn't have to mean corsets and other not-conducive-to-breathing apparel.

3. Leave something to the imagination

So we know sex sells. But there's a lot to be said for subtle sexy (Bardot tops or high-waist jeans) rather than overt sexy (latex and things). There's something super appealing about mystery, so perhaps it's time we become less suggestive and more mystical.

Crossover Off-the-Shoulder Top, $29.99, Amazon

Distressed High-Waisted Jeans, $44.99, Amazon

4. Invest in some granny panties

Like I said regarding sneakers, comfort is way underrated when it comes to fashion. Granny panties aren't just comfy; they're practical. And totally worth having for loungy Sundays as an accompaniment to Netflix.

Bali Lace High-Rise Underwear, $7.16, Amazon

5. Stop worrying about your VBO

We all have tummies — we really do. Some are jigglier than others, sure. But we all have them. They're nothing to be ashamed of, so why not try to embrace them instead? Don't throw all the bodycons into the reject pile prematurely — you might be surprised.

Torrid Shirred Bodycon Dress, $58.50, Amazon

6. Don't feel obligated to mix the girly with the grungy

It's OK to be feminine or edgy. It's OK to prefer to go OTT with one, rather than both. I hear a lot of women say they need to wear chunky leather boots with their tutus for fear of looking too childish. But last time I checked, fashion is meant to be fun — not super constricting.

Leather Lace Up Ankle Boot, $86, Amazon

7. Do let every style you love shine through

Contrary to popular belief, labels are pretty boring. Some days, you may want to dress nerd chic. Others, you might want to do a full vintage. Others still, you'll want to break out the 90s grunge. And it's OK to mix it up — I'd even argue that it's good. You just can't go wrong with being open to variety.

8. Try a statement piece

We all have our moments of decreased body confidence, and in those moments, wearing statement tights or patterned pants can seem impossible. But as proven by the statement necklace, loud can be beautiful. Let's try not to be invisible, but rather, to let our personalities be seen.

Star Print Patterned Opaque Tights, $12.98, Amazon

Floral Skinny Jeans, $86.80, Amazon

9. Discard the fashion no-nos

I truly hope that one day we can learn to live without rules crafted for us by people behind a computer screen. I realize this might sound hypocritical — considering I am writing a list on things I think we should all do — but these aren't "rules." They are mere suggestions that I personally think will lead to more self-love and contentment.

10. Leave behind the pressure to look like a magazine cover

We know that even those people on the magazines don't look like those people on the magazines. Striving to achieve impossible beauty standards is getting old. It's totally cool to try to emulate a style you adore — or a celeb you find super inspiring. But I hope we can stop trying to become those people.

11. Donate the 10-year-old rejects in the back of your closet

All they do is cause stress and anxiety. The fact that we don't look like we did 10 years ago is nothing to fret over. Aging is a natural part of life, and with it often comes weight gain. And that's honestly not the big, horrific thing we've been taught to believe it is. So, "Out with the old; in with the new!"

12. Don't fear size experimentation

I can't tell you how many friends I have who refuse to try on a size that's not their "standard." But about a year ago, I realized just how crazy store-to-store sizing actually is. I'm a 2XL (or 18/20) according to some designers, but a 12 according to others. Let's try not to brand ourselves by the label in our dress, but rather, have fun trying everything out.

13. Dress for you

In case it wasn't obvious already, my biggest point with all of this has been that I think we could all do with a little bit more dressing for the self. To worry about how others will perceive us based on our clothing is a massive waste of headspace. I realize we all do it — it's human nature. But we can try not to. We can try to wear all those things we've always wanted to wear, no matter our styles or sizes. That said, bring on the new year and the revamped resolutions that'll make it far more fun!