'Looking' Season 2 Predictions

Huzzah! HBO original series Looking will be back so very soon! To tide yourself over until the dramedy makes its return, I recommend you 1) re-watch the first season and 2) check out the official Looking Season 2 trailer. Repeat these steps as many times as necessary.

Already itching to find out what will happen on the second season of Looking ? Well, you're in luck, for I am quite good at analyzing trailers and making really insightful predictions about the movie/TV show in question. Thursday afternoon, I retrieved my fine-tooth comb, my magnifying glass, and my decoder. I went to work. I will share my results with you now.

Predictions Gleaned From The Trailer:

  • There will be giant trees.
  • The main cast will go somewhere where there’s at least one canoe.
  • They will visit the woods.
  • They will stay in a cabin.
  • There will be scenes that take place outdoors.
  • There will be scenes that take place indoors.
  • Everyone will continue to be very attractive.
  • The show will return this January.
  • They will go dancing.
  • Patrick will take something and doubt that it is "working."
  • Patrick’s relationship status will be complicated.
  • Patrick will wear a Denver Broncos hat.
  • They will go canoeing.
  • They will go swimming.
  • Daniel Franzese will dance in the bleachers at a sporting event.
  • They will hang out in a jacuzzi.
  • Doris will meet a guy who is “everything.”
  • The show will be on HBO.

Again, those are just predictions. No guarantees. Don't hold me to any of the above.