The 'Wonder Woman' Movie (Almost) Has Its Writer

The baby steps towards the first Wonder Woman solo movie are turning into strides: Wonder Woman has her writer. Or, as The Hollywood Reporter puts it, Warner Bros. has "lassoed" a writer. Oh boy. Get ready for so many pun headlines in the coming years.

The studio sadly did not take this opportunity to give us a superhero movie both directed and written by women, but I'll withhold judgment for now because, to be frank, I really need this movie to be good. And so it is my sincerest hope that Jason Fuchs is all set and ready to make this a complex story worthy of Diana Prince.

Fuchs' biggest screenwriting credit to date is as the writer behind the upcoming Pan. Given that my biggest problems with Pan have a lot more to do with the casting than with the concept or script, I can't really pass judgment on him there — it's not necessarily his fault they cast a white woman to play a Native American character, but here's to hoping he wrote that character a lot less racist than past Disney movies have.

It should also be noted that Fuchs is not officially signed on yet: THR reports he's in talks. But every step takes this movie closer and closer to being a real, tangible thing, to which I say hell yeah.