Redken Launching New Fashion Collection Inspired By the Runway to Help Make Braiding Even Easier

Redken is quickly proving itself to be the coolest and most edgy-yet-affordable hair care brand around. Redken is launching the Fashion Collection in April 2015, alongside its celebrity stylist, Guido. The collection will contain four products that meet very specific hairstyling needs you didn't even know you had. While the line is inspired by the runway, it's meant to translate easily to real girl street styles. From their brand ambassadors, the delightfully disheveled Sky Ferreira and transgender model Lea T, to their actual products, like the Moveability 05 Defining Cream-Paste, of which I use a carefully measured amount to add some texture and definition to my straight strands, Redken's game is strong.

Guido, who is responsible for creating hairstyles at fashion shows for the likes of Alexander Wang and Marc Jacobs and serves as the Redken global styling director, had a singular mission when creating these products: fast, easy styling. He notes that you can use these "instead of layering a ton of things."

Less is most certainly more when it comes to morning routines and bathroom countertops. Tons of products clutter the vanity, not to mention depositing residue and creating buildup on your scalp and strands.

Here's what we know about the new range, thanks to Allure's scoop.

There's something called Braid Aid 03, a styling balm meant to be used to make that fishtail so much easier to put together. It keeps your hair untangled, plus prevents little layers from popping out throughout the day. Plus, when you shake the braid out for some waves, this balm helps add a little definition.

Then there is Stay High 18, a gel x mousse hybrid that was inspired by those toothpastes that transform from a gel to foam. Since my experiences with gel and mousse are pretty much rooted (!!!) in the '80s, with gel making for crunchy perm curls and mousse adding body and height, all the while making my hands sticky after the product dissolved in my hair, I was a bit skeptical. This strange mashup, however, will aim to provide hold with touchability. I'll need to test this one out before I'm fully sold.

Additionally, the range's Short Sculpt 19 is designed for the short-haired girl brave enough to own a bob. Lastly, if you have commitment issues and you want to fake highlights, Metal Fix 08 is liquid pomade in silver and gold that lets you do just that. Double fun!

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