Blake Lively Wore Stilettos Around NYC Despite Being Quite Pregnant Because Style Waits for No One

I don't know about you, but if I'm ever pregnant I think I'll be taking nine months off from impractical and uncomfortable footwear. Not so for Blake Lively, who was spotted wearing stilettos around NYC despite being quite a bit pregnant. Celebrities — they really are nothing like us.

Although I'm not a big Blake Lively fan, I have to hand it to her — she knows how to put together a maternity outfit. She was photographed leaving her New York hotel for an outing with husband Ryan Reynolds wearing an ensemble that would make Serena van der Woodsen proud. The Age of Adaline actress sported an alpaca poncho by Alicia Adams over a gray V-neck tee, dark-wash skinny jeans, and black suede booties with serious spike heels. She accessorized with a long silver and turquoise pendent and two large bags, one of which is the much coveted two-tone Céline.

Heels while many months into a pregnancy seems like a difficult feat for even the most fashionable (especially in NYC), but I suppose it gets easier if you have a car service to tote you from place to place. I like this outfit overall, even if the poncho does make it seem like she's a walking advertisement for her lifestyle website Perserve. I can't blame her for wanting to wear what's essentially a giant blanket.

If you're interested, you can snag several of the items she's wearing here on Preserve...for a price. The Alicia Adams poncho costs $595, while you can scoop up that lovely Sandast travel bag for $900. I'm amazed at Lively's level of commitment to wearing what she sells, but I do wish she'd be a little more subtle about it.