22 Funny Gifts for Dad That Are Absolutely Hilarious, Because Sometimes Laughter Is the Best Present

Why is finding a holiday gift for dad so hard? When it comes time to make our Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Whatever shopping lists, we all have giant question marks next to our fathers’ names. Why is that? It’s not fair! My dad has gotten more socks and thermal underwear than is appropriate for a person who is deeply loved by his family. Simply having XY chromosomes shouldn’t preclude you from receiving great gifts this holiday season. Which is exactly why I created this list of funny gifts for dads that will at least provide some LOLZ to go with the standard hackery we perpetrate on our father figures year after year: Bacon. Baseball. Beards. Beer. What else is there, right?!

The good thing about dads is that they’re usually not picky, and they don’t take themselves too seriously, so funny is money in terms of presents. Plus, making your dad laugh is so rewarding, it’s kinda like giving yourself a gift. And honestly, you’ll never know if he doesn’t like it — dads are so used to getting crap presents that their fake “No, this is great… I love it!” faces are finely perfected. So just do your best and enjoy these hilarious twists on all the traditional "dad gifts."

WARNING: Sense of humor required.

I'm Not Sleeping I'm Just Resting My Eyes T-Shirt

Classic. Whose dad doesn’t try to use this line? And here’s another option of the truck hat variety.

Funny Dad’s T-Shirt, $16, Amazon

Slang Flashcards

Is your dad a little out of touch when it comes to “what the kids are saying these days”? Have fun — and lots of funny — bringing him up to speed.

Slang Flashcards , $10, KnockKnockStuff

Miracle Beer Belly Reduction Soap

Tease your dad about his booze-induced pot belly with this 100 percent scientifically proven cure… NOT!

Miracle Beer Belly Reduction Soap, $7, Amazon

Pocket Knife Cufflinks

Keep your wilderness dad lookin’ sharp and feelin’ wild with these utility weapon cufflinks. Bonus: He’ll be rocking that scary factor that he loves so much.

Pocket Knife Cufflinks , $99, Amazon

Pot-n-Put Bathroom Golf

Sink one as you sink one” is how it’s advertised on the site, and I can’t think of a more appropriate (or is it inappropriate?) tagline! Plus, it also comes with a Do Not Disturb Sign for dad’s “practice sessions.”

Pot-n-Put Bathroom Golf, $11, Amazon

Coffee Makes Me Poop Mug

For the goofy, scatologically honest dad who loooooooves his coffee.

Coffee Makes Me Poop Mug, $13, Amazon

Golfer's BBQ Set

Finally, he can tee the steaks right off the grill! A 2-for-1 combo of his favorite things.

Golfers Bbq Set, $19, Amazon

Funny Toilet Paper

There are loads of dads out there who would love to wipe their butts with $100 bills. Bring that dream to fruition with this novelty toilet paper! Other variations include: Obama’s face, biohazard, the diarrhea song, New York Yankees, and over the hill.

Big Mouth Toys Funny Toilet Paper, $8, Amazon

World's Okayest Dad T-Shirt

For a dad who’s superlative… just not in the right way. Wink!

Worlds Okayest Dad T Shirt, $17, Amazon

Bullshit Button

Nothing brings a smile to a dad’s face like calling out other people’s bullshit. Give him this button to make it a truly theatrical experience!

Bullshit Button, $15, Amazon

Baseball Glove Oven Mitt

These clever oven mitts are great for the sports enthusiast who also happens to know his way around a kitchen.

Baseball Mitt Oven Glove, $11, Amazon

Sock Sandals

Oof, he’s got that goofy dad style that makes you want to hide when you’re with him in public. Let him get it all out of his system with these silly sock sandals. Sure, they’re ugly, but loosen up, it’s Christmas!

Sock Sandals, $12, Amazon

I'm Your Favorite Child Mug

A gift that both your dad and your ego will love.

Coffee Mug, $12, Amazon

Bacon Band-Aids

Dads don’t want any of those sissy regular band-aids. They want bacon -shaped band-aids, so they can still make it clear they’re still burly tough guys… even when nursing a wound.

Bacon Shaped Themed Adhesive Bandages, $8, Amazon

The Three Stooges: The Ultimate Collection

Why, I oughta! If a textbook pratfall still brings your father to tears, then you’ve got to get him this Three Stooges boxed set. The run time is 3,867 minutes, which is enough slapstick to have him in hysterics for days. Literally.

The Three Stooges: The Ultimate Collection, $65, Amazon

Wall Street Victims Play Set

Too soon? Hopefully we’ve all bounced back from the recession enough to take the joke. Perfect for economically-savvy dads with a dark sense of humor.

Wall Street Victims Play Set, $11, Amazon

Great Beard, Great Responsibility T-Shirt

Aww, this shirt kinda makes me wish my dad had a beard! Super cute choice for bearded papas — and here’s something fun for all the mustachioed ones.

With Great Beard Comes Great Responsibility T Shirt, $14, Amazon

Bruce Lee Motion Activated Dragon Fists

His bod may be getting soft, but your dad can still be Kung Fu af with these plush fists and electronic martial arts sound effects. Hi-yah!

Bruce Lee Dragon Fists, $75, Walmart

Bacon-Scented Yankee Candle

Your dad will be surprised when he unwraps a Yankee Candle — and then thrilled when he finds out it smells like bacon! Oh boy, your mom’s gonna be so jealous… <Tim ‘The Tool Man’ Taylor grunt>

MMM, Bacon! Large Jar Candles, $27, Amazon

Who Farted Slippers

With a Whoopee Cushion sewn into the heel, these slippers are sure to supply some hilarious sound effects as your dad toddles around the house. Let ‘er rip, Dad!

Who Farted Slippers, $13, Amazon

Little Whizzer Liquor Dispenser

A child peeing whisky into a tumbler glass is the height of classic dad humor. Congrats! With this gift, you and your dad just won Christmas.

Little Whizzer Liquor Dispenser, $17, Amazon

F Bomb Paperweight

Your dad’s got a big ol’ sailor mouth? Then this is the perfect gift — he can hold down his professional papers with the weight of his favorite curse word.

F Bomb Paperweight, $45, Uncommon Goods