22 Funny Gifts for Dad That Are Absolutely Hilarious, Because Sometimes Laughter Is the Best Present

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Why is finding a holiday gift for dad so hard? When it comes time to make our Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Whatever shopping lists, we all have giant question marks next to our fathers’ names. Why is that? It’s not fair! My dad has gotten more socks and thermal underwear than is appropriate for a person who is deeply loved by his family. Simply having XY chromosomes shouldn’t preclude you from receiving great gifts this holiday season. Which is exactly why I created this list of funny gifts for dads that will at least provide some LOLZ to go with the standard hackery we perpetrate on our father figures year after year: Bacon. Baseball. Beards. Beer. What else is there, right?!

The good thing about dads is that they’re usually not picky, and they don’t take themselves too seriously, so funny is money in terms of presents. Plus, making your dad laugh is so rewarding, it’s kinda like giving yourself a gift. And honestly, you’ll never know if he doesn’t like it — dads are so used to getting crap presents that their fake “No, this is great… I love it!” faces are finely perfected. So just do your best and enjoy these hilarious twists on all the traditional "dad gifts."

WARNING: Sense of humor required.

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