Kim Kardashian's Tanner Goes Through 3.5 Liters of Fake Tan at Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Kim Kardashian's tan is always on point, but as most everyone can imagine, it takes a village. And at the head of that village is celebrity beautician and tanner professional Jimmy Jimmy Coco (formerly Jimmy Snyder). So who better to help the Victoria's Secret Angels look extra flawless for Tuesday's fashion show than the talented expert himself? According to The Daily Mail, Victoria's Secret brought in Jimmy Jimmy Coco to do work on their Angels and he went through a whopping 3.5 liters of fake tan on them.

That may sound like a lot of fake-tanning product (and it is), but there are a lot of Angels with a lot of skin to show. Coco told the Telegraph, "Angels have the most beautiful long legs, which require lots of tanning liquid." Not only that, Coco said that he applied up to three coats of tanner on each model, using a mini airbrush applicator, two tanning tents, and a 24-foot hose. Fake tanning is no joke, people. And get this: Each layer took 25 minutes to apply. That's nearly an hour and a half dedicated to fake full-body tanning on each Angel! For this reason, it makes total sense that he and his team went through more than 40 cans of fake tan.

But Coco's not new to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. In fact, he's been responsible for the Angels' tans long before he became famous for Kim Kardashian's perfect glow. In 2006, Coco camped out at the then Kodak Theater where the VS Fashion Show was being held that year. He waited in the lobby and introduced himself to Miranda Kerr and offered her a tan. Snyder told Telegraph, "Soon, all of the Angels were asking for a tan and I have been hired to be Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Tan Man ever since."

Of course, you don't have to be a Victoria's Secret Angel or Kim Kardashian to get Jimmy Coco's perfect fake-tan glow. He's got his own line of tanning products. Because of course he does. You can shop it here.