Wanna Carry The Amal Clooney Bag?

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for a crucial piece of Amal news. Amal Clooney has a purse named after her, elevating this divine being to a new level of goddess status. History in the making, ladies and gentlemen. History in the making.

On Friday, Italian luxury goods label Ballin announced that they would be renaming one of their existing handbags to honor Clooney. The esteemed human rights lawyer has been seen all over the place with this trusty leather tote by her side. If you're familiar with those "I really love my..." features in celeb magazines that show celebs stepping out with the same item on multiple occasions, this bag would be Amal's thing.

Having a luxury good named after you is equivalent to a fashion canonization, and Amal is the latest in the league of style icons who have had the honor of getting bags christened in their names: Jane Birkin, Grace Kelly, Jackie O. If you needed any further confirmation that Amal is the American Princess of our time, here it is.

Look at it this way: people love Amal so much, that this company saw it fit to revise the name of one of their existing bags to remind people more of her. That's the magic of marketing.Here she is: a certified baller with a Ballin bag.

Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Annd again!

The purse comes in black and taupe.

How much will it cost you to carry Amal on your arm? A paltry $1,198. Good thing Christmas is coming up and you're totally not already in debt up to your eyeballs from Cyber monday. Make it rain!

Image: Getty Images