15 Easy DIY Gifts to Make When You Have No Idea What Else To Give Someone

You could go the store-bought route when it comes to buying presents for everyone this year, but I think DIY holiday gifts are the way to go. Allow me to explain. Exchanging gifts during the holidays seems like a great idea when it’s the beginning of November and you’re imagining all of the presents you’ll get to open while sitting around a fire drinking hot chocolate. But fast forward a few weeks to the craziness of December, when the stores are crowded 24/7, your wallet is suspiciously empty, and your mind is suddenly blank on what this person might want to receive, and it no longer seems so great. In fact, it just seems downright inconvenient.

Whether you’re trying to find the perfect gift for a close friend, a family member, a co-worker, or even just a random Secret Santa grab bag, you’ve probably had that moment where you think, “WTF am I supposed to buy this person?” No matter how many stores you go into, every option seems so ridiculous or expensive that you’re left seriously contemplating whether you should just give in and get an impersonal American Express gift card.

But wait! There’s hope, and it comes in the form of DIY gifts. If you’re the kind of person who likes to make presents a little bit more thoughtful, DIY is your best bet. And even if you have no clue what this person might want, these next few options will work. They’re general enough to be something anyone could use, while still being personal enough to make it look like you put a ton of thought into them — and they’re all pretty simple. Check out these 15 DIY gifts for when you have no idea what to give someone.

Lavender Lemon Scrub

Scrubs that smell this wonderful seem so luxurious that anyone will appreciate receiving one — even more so if it’s homemade. And it’s not even difficult!

Image and Tutorial:

All Natural Lemongrass Lavender Sugar Scrub, $26,

Nutella Truffles

Everyone loves getting delicious desserts as gifts, especially when those delicious desserts are Nutella truffles. These are so easy to make, but they’re so decadent they seem super impressive. Wrap them up in a pretty box or bag for a cute presentation.

Image and Tutorial: Miss Renaissance

Nutella Hazelnut Spread, $6,

Skinny Leather Bracelet

Who doesn’t love a good arm party? Get crafty with these slim leather bracelets for a female friend. Unique, homemade jewelry is (almost) always better than something generic that everyone else owns.

Image and Tutorial: A Beautiful Mess

Leather Adjustable Wrap, $12,

Cookie Butter

Cookie butter is arguably the best spreadable food item out there. Anyone would appreciate a jar of this stuff — as long as you don’t eat it all before you give it away.

Image and Tutorial: A Beautiful Mess

Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter (Pack of 2), $17,

Travel Jewelry Wrap

Almost every female out there has looked at her jewelry while packing for vacation and wondered, “How am I supposed to pack this without ruining everything?” and then shoved them into a little felt bag, only to open it later to find a mass of tangles. Make things easier for your friend with this sweet travel jewelry wrap.

Image and Tutorial:

Jewelry Wrap Roll Travel Pouch, $15,

Tree Slice Ornament

It’s the holidays. What could be more appropriate than a cute ornament? This is a pretty perfect Secret Santa option.

Image and Tutorial:

Tree Cookies - 25pcs, $25,

Simple Lace Scarf

You don’t have to be an expert at sewing to make this pretty lace scarf for a friend or a Secret Santa bag — you just have to have the basics down. It’s worth it, because you’re left with a unique gift anyone could love.

Image and Tutorial:

Women’s Soft Long Scarf Wrap, $12,

Marbled Clay Ring Dish

Everyone out there could use a small, pretty dish, even if they don’t realize it. They’re useful in so many ways! These marble clay dishes are gorgeous, and look so much more difficult than they actually are.

Image and Tutorial: A Beautiful Mess

Mixed Color Oven Bake Clay, $10,

Hot Cocoa Mix

This is another perfect Secret Santa option because literally everyone loves hot chocolate. (Right? Please tell me that’s right.) Dress up the jar as a snowman, because why not?

Image and Tutorial:

Ghirardelli Hot Cocoa Mix, $10,

Gold Leaf Clutch

Make a boring clutch way more interesting by using this gold glue. You’ll be so pleased by the end result that you may even want to keep it for yourself.

Image and Tutorial:

Mint Milk Bath

This isn’t a reminder that your friend needs to take a bath. It’s a reminder that your friend needs to take some time to relax with a soothing bath and a glass of wine. Doesn’t that seem like the best gift ever?

Image and Tutorial:

White Tea Milk Bath, $12,

You Are My Sunshine Sign

OK, you definitely don’t have to write “You Are My Sunshine” on this. You can write whatever you want. The point is, people are into quote signs like these for their home, making this a great gift.

Image and Tutorial:

Decorative Chalk Sign, $21,

Christmas Hand Towel

Everyone could use more hand towels in their lives, am I right? Make an appropriate holiday theme, or go for something that can be used year-round.

Image and Tutorial:

Holiday Printed Hand Towel, $13,

Sequin Pillow

This is a sequin pillow. I mean, come on. Who doesn’t want that?

Image and Tutorial:

Sequin Pillow, $9,

Copper Candles

Candles are the best. Simple candles that smell good are maybe even better.

Image and Tutorial:

Hammered Copper Candle, $22,