11 Gorgeous Engagement Rings For Men In Case You Plan On Proposing To Him Over The Holidays — PHOTOS

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Let's be honest: Waiting for your guy to propose is possibly a little outdated for women. OK, maybe the tradition is still going strong, but why should women be restricted by it? We live in a pretty progressive era, so why can't ladies propose to their boyfriends? The answer is "uh, they totally can, and they often do." And since "engagement season" (big UGH to that whole idea, but still, it's a thing, so we can talk about it) is not restricted to straight couples, where the hell are all the cheesed-out engagement ads for same-sex couples? Trust me: There are as many dudes as there are ladies out there dropping not-subtle hints for their boyfriends to propose. So let's talk about engagement rings for men!

If you plan to husband-up in 2015, prepare to save up, ladies and gents, because there are a lot of really pretty rings to slip on that guy’s finger. And no, not all of them are tungsten (why does almost every guy salivate when he sees tungsten? It’s so basic bro, although admittedly kinda awesome). Stores offer white gold, gold, silver, and other really cool options. Here are 11 of our favorite picks if you're planning to put a ring on it.

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