Watching a Bunch of Plastic Balls Dumped on an Escalator is Infinitely More Mesmerizing Than it Sounds — VIDEO

Just hear me out for a second: I swear this video is so much more captivating than it sounds. Otherwise you will be doomed to live your life knowing that you could have watched the cyclical journey of a thousand plastic balls stumbling down an escalator and didn’t, and honestly, who needs that kind of regret? A couple ballers (HA!) went to the mall (or some place that resembles a mall; I assume everywhere with an escalator is a mall because I grew up in America) and emptied a huge sack of plastic balls on to the escalator. The balls traveled their way up the moving stairs, hung out as they started to accumulate, and then they rain back down because physics. And things got kind of awesome from there.

The results of this experiment are seriously fantastic, and I’m not even sure why. My eyes were glued on the brightly colored spheres as they spring down the steps, proudly proclaiming (if inanimate objects could proclaim things), “Watch out guys! Here we come!” The whole thing is just super whimsical, and I’ll probably be watching this all day because I'm an adult and I have very clear priorities.

Ianmcart on YouTube

Image: YouTube