Fox Sure Knows How to Use Them Viral Videos

Chances are, if you've been on any social media sites in the past few weeks there's been someone in your life (likely multiple people) who keep talking about that damn viral video about foxes. Now, that same video has taken the final step of a true viral video: It's been co-opted by a massive corporation for its own viral marketing purposes. This time that company is Fox, and the resulting "What Does the Fox Say" promo actually works surprisingly well.

Variety show group Ylvis is basically Norway's version of The Lonely Island, and the meshing of their song with Fox's fall programming actually makes for a pretty solid, funny sizzle real. In recent seasons Fox has taken strides to establish itself as the new hip place for network comedy — aided by NBC's repeated mistakes on that front — so setting clips a bunch of their shows to a funny Internet song doesn't seem like much of a stretch.

So what does the fox say? Well, frankly it says a lot of things. This video doesn't so much answer that question as treat us to shots of Glee's Jane Lynch and New Girl's Lamorne Morris lip-syncing in fox hats. Oh, and it also shows Glee goober Darren Criss in some kind of home video, kissing what appears to be some kind of squirrel puppet. Interesting.