20 Women Leonardo DiCaprio Has Been Lucky Enough to Have on His Arm

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Rumors have surfaced that timeless babe Leonardo DiCaprio left a club with 20 women on his arm, which actually sounds... kind of plausible. Let's face it, DiCaprio is constantly riding waves that primarily consist of statuesque blonde beauties. Most of them models, some rumored flings, some confirmed girlfriends. And hey, let's not forget the other two most important women in his life, the ones he's, you know, not involved with romantically.

On the one hand, I have to admit that I'm morally against that kind of philandering, and when I see behavior like that in real life I'm entirely repulsed. On the other hand, it's Leo. I mean...

Let's just indulge ourselves, if only for a moment, and rehash 20 women that are a part of the Leonardo DiCaprio legend, be it footnotes, chapters or long story arcs.

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