3 Reasons Why "Mom-Wear" is the Ideal Winter Fashion — So Get Ready to Make Jill Taylor Your New Style Icon

There aren't many times when The Man Repeller's Leandra Medine pulls something off that I say to myself: "Yes! That looks like something I am definitely going to introduce into my regular wardrobe." Of course, that all changes now and again. Especially when it comes to mom jeans. Yes, I'm talking about those high-waisted, light-washed, bunchy-crotched wonders. Sure, they may have gained a bad reputation or maybe you think they seem unstylish by today's skinny-jean-clad standards. I'm here to tell you that you're not only wrong, but that mom jeans — and the other supposedly unfashionable staples of the TV and real life moms of decades past (and, in some cases, of now) — are the key to looking cute and staying warm this winter. From Roseanne Conner to Jill Taylor, get ready to switch up your list of style icons.

Sure, going all mom-wear all the time would definitely be a fashion faux pas, but mixing in some key matronly pieces with more current babely styles can be super cute. I promise. Anyone can mix and match J.Crew and Madewell and end up looking perfectly acceptable — but throwing on a bodysuit under a pair of mom jeans or rocking a chunky sweater takes real style. I know you never thought you'd be combing through 90s sitcom reruns for fashion tips, but I hope your eyes will be opened and your minds changed after realizing just how much practicality and trendiness copping the mom styles can lead to. So when you go home for the holidays, don't be surprised if you find yourself digging through your mom's hand-me-downs for some choice firsthand vintage picks. Here are some of my mom-ish-must-haves:


Perfect for layering thermal underwear, and with enough room to hide your holiday meal food baby. Get a pair that covers your belly button to minimize under-the-sweater drafts and to channel that Taylor Swift ambiguous belly button look.


Roseanne wore it first, but you can wear it best! Oversized denim is actually super on-trend right now and is the perfect layering piece for the colder months. And in the summer, you can even keep an oversized top or jacket unbuttoned for a perfect swimsuit cover-up. So versatile.


Worn then in tent-sized proportions, the chunky sweater is my personal number one winter staple. Throw it over a flouncy dress and fleece-lined tights, jeans or a button down shirt and pair it with a statement necklace to modernize the look. Luxe accessories make a perfect, cozy and chic ensemble.

So when you're getting dressed in subzero temperatures, ask yourself: What Would Jill Taylor Wear?

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