Proof That Taylor Swift DOES Have A Belly Button

What's all this nonsense about Taylor Swift and her belly button? First it was Taylor and Jake Gyllenhaal, and then it was Taylor and Harry Styles and now it's Taylor and her belly button. If you haven't already heard, according to an interview for Lucky, Taylor Swift said she won't be showing her belly button anytime soon, preserving at least one tidbit of mystery about herself. According to Swift, she wants to keep her belly button to herself, thank you very much.

"I only partially commit to the midriff thing — you’re only seeing lower rib cage. I don’t want people to know if I have one or not. I want that to be a mystery," Swift said in Lucky.

Despite her no visible belly button rule, Swift has no problem wearing lingerie and strutting up and down a cat walk with Victoria's Secret models. This kind of made me wonder if the whole "no visible belly button in public" rule really makes a difference at this point. In theory, it's a nice idea. You're a celebrity and everyone knows the details of your life — why not just keep one thing private? No problem. But what's the point, really? It's it kind of futile to make your belly button mysterious when you're participating in a Victoria's Secret fashion show half naked? I don't know. Either way, one thing is important here: It's Swift's decision to show her belly button or not, and hey, it's also up to her to decide in a month or two that maybe she wants to show her belly button. Or not.

But even if the general public doesn't know if Swift has a belly button piercing or not (I'm guessing no), it's safe to say that Swift actually has shown her belly button in public once or twice. And even if it hasn't been fully exposed (still trying to let it sink in that I'm writing an entire article about a celebrity's belly button, by the way), she's certainly worn outfits that are more scandalous than, say, a simple belly-button-exposing bikini. So, what's the big deal? So as proof that she does in fact have one, here's a list of all the times Swift actually HAS shown her belly button. Celebrities, they're just like us. Belly buttons and all.

1. "Black Space" Video

It's clearly there. And clearly unpierced.

2. Airport Photo

See, it's a perfectly good belly button!

3. Bikini


4. "Shake It Off" Video

*Compares own belly button to Taylor Swift's belly button*

5. OK, It's Sort Of There

If not showing her belly button really is THAT important to Swift, it's evident here. I mean that's a REALLY well-placed skirt strap...thing.

6. I Think It's There....

I mean, it seems like it's there, right? It has to be..