19 of the Strangest 'Simpsons' Merchandise Available from The Wonderfully Weird to the Downright Insane

I can't remember my life without The Simpsons — and that's mostly because The Simpsons have been around nearly as long as I've been alive. I grew up with Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie as my guides to the universe. Needless to say, they've prepapred me pretty well for the insanity that life has thrown my way. The creations of James L. Brooks, Matt Groening, and Sam Simon are celebrating their 25th anniversary and I think they all deserve a resounding "WOO HOO! "The Simpsons aren't just cartoon characters, they're an entire brand, a language, and even a way of life if you will (NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA LEADER!) Being the world's most recognizable family isn't due merely to the show's success and cult-like following. Nay, we know the citizens of Springfield so well because, well, they're everywhere.

From lunch boxes to boardwalk T-shirts, to grand works of art and Duff beer cozies, you can find The Simpsons on almost everything. Some Simpsons gear is as amazing as a Squishee on a hot Summer day, while others are as terrifying as Sideshow Bob after a prison break. Let's take a look at some of the most bizarre Simpsons merch out there.

These Birthday Candles

They’re candles, and LEGO’s, and The Simpsons. And I thought Lisa was a multi-tasker.

Image: Lego Brick/Etsy

This Painting from "The Shinning"

“No TV and No Beer Make Homer Something Something…”

“Go Crazy?”

“Don’t Mind If I Do!”

Image: BlackInkArtz/Etsy

"Warhol & Basquiat as The Simpsons"

It’s art, man. Don’t have a cow.

Image: DrawnArt/Etsy

Lisa Simpson Meets the Wu-Tang Clan

According to the Wu-Tang Name Generator, her name would be “Quiet Killah,” which is actually pretty accurate when you come to think of it.

Image: houseofhades/Etsy

Lisa Simpson Without Any Pupils

Did she have one too many Squishees?

Image: silverliningtoys/Etsy

A Homer Simpson Microwaveable Relaxation Sack

Because nothing says tranquility quite like Homer Jay Simpson.

Image: FeelTheWarmth/Etsy

Bat Simpson

The stuff that nightmares are made of! Can’t sleep Bat Simpson will eat me…

Image: PityPartyStudios/Etsy

Homer Soapson

In case you ever wondered what Homer’s face near your butt would look like.

Image: sweetsoaptreat/Etsy

A Reptile Hammock

Jub-Jub not included.

Image: MyReptileRocks/Etsy

The Marge Sponge

Sigh. Poor Marge, always cleaning up EVERYONE’S messes.

Image: 20th Century Fox/Amazon

Egg Cup and Toast Stamp

As far as I’m concerned, Kang and Kodos are the only ones who should be eating anything out of Homer’s head.

Image: 20th Century Fox/Amazon

Lisa's Hair

For your very own Treehouse of Horror!

Image: myknittingworld/Etsy

This Krusty Figurine

At least it’s big enough for Mr. Teeny to play with it.

Image: shoptoylife

A 'Simpsons' Plastic Bag Dispenser

When your kitchen needs that extra hint of d’oh!

Image: NotWithoutAnnette/Etsy

Rhinestone Maggie Pez Dispenser

Baby Gerald nemesis not included.


These Wedges

Well, they’re certainly a statement piece. If your statement is, “AY CARUMBA!”

Image: GraceyLou3/Etsy

A $3,100 White Gold Bart Simpson Pendant

More like Bling Simpson, AMIRIGHT? Mind you, it IS marked down from $8,309. So really, it’s a bargain.

Image: avianneandco

Supposedly "Lisa Simpson" Earrings

…with Homer’s face and Marge’s body.


This Bathroom Sign

First name Seymour, last name Butts.

Image: Vietnamcrafts/Etsy