We Hope This Crazy Tumblr Belongs to Miley

Usually during a breakup, celebrities are pretty quiet. Basic facts and updates are confirmed or denied through their PR reps, and everything else is kept hidden. (Heck, we still don't know even everything that went on back in the Jen vs. Brad days.) And same goes for the newly split Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth — if you look at their Twitter feeds and tabloid covers, the duo has kept completely mum. But there is a Tumblr that claims to belong to the artist formerly known as Hannah Montana that is being quite open about the star's breakup with Hemsworth. Now, since Tumblr doesn't have a verification process like Twitter, there's a chance it's not actually Cyrus' account. (And the star's rep hasn't responded to Bustle's request for confirmation regarding Cyrus' possible ownership of the account.) But it would be easy for many to wish that it was, because not only does it remind us of our own post-break-up tendencies, but it has been delivering content tabloids would salivate over.

While the bare minimum is revealed in interviews and articles, the Tumblr has posted non-stop about the break-up. The most recent posts are the kinds of sentiments you'd expect to find on the blog of a recently heartbroken girl. On Wednesday night, the account posted a promotional photo, along with a telling lyric from "Wrecking Ball," "Don't you ever say I just walked away I will always want you." Just a few hours earlier, it posted a lyric by The Weeknd, "Im not a fool, I just love that you’re dead inside."

Other posts on the blog comment on the reports that Hemsworth has been spending a lot of time with Mexican actress Eiza Gonzalez recently. First, the account's owner posted, "Sending her a thank you card for helping you get your shit out of my house." Though Gonzalez's name is never explicitly mentioned, soon after, an anonymous follower asked the account holder, "Why did u let Mexican bitch in ur home?!?!" to which the blogger simply responded with, "I wasn't home."

It was taken a step further Wednesday, when the Tumblr posted a photo from E! of Hemsworth kissing who appears to be Gonzalez, with the caption, "I thought u just met?" The Tumblr even had hints that there was trouble brewing in Cyrus and Hemsworth's relationship last week before the breakup news hit, with a post that featured a personal photos of the two with the caption, "I keep trying for you." Right after the split was announced, text posts said, "I only ever had eyes for you" followed by, "I was the last thing on your mind I know you better than you think."

Unless Cyrus or one of her reps confirms it, there's no of knowing whether she is behind the overly-revealing blog. It's either a very talented impostor who knows her a little too well, or Cyrus at her most desperate. Either way it's crazy — why would someone take so much time cultivating a Miley-esque online persona? Or why would Cyrus post so much personal stuff online where anyone with a Tumblr account can see it? Her schedule does seem a little too filled with twerking, sticking her tongue out, and trying to make Bangerz happen to spend so much time online, but we can still hope we got an actual glimpse into a star who, for once, could actually be just like us.