This Neighborhood Choreographed an Amazing Holiday Light Show Together, Because Apparently Neighbors Still Speak To Each Other Sometimes — VIDEO

Most neighborhoods celebrate Christmas by excessively baking and leaving fruitcakes and cookies on each other's doorsteps, and while there is certainly nothing wrong with that (a person really does need an extra layer of fat to survive the cold, unforgiving winter), you know what would be a thousand times more epic? If you got everyone together and choreographed an entire neighborhood of Christmas lights. Harnessing the magic of Christmas and the tireless efforts of human beings who know a hell of a lot more about technology than I do, one neighborhood did just that, creating an epic light show set to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra's "Wizard of Winter" that spans over three minutes.

Not only is this ridiculously awesome to behold, it sure seems a hell of a lot more neighborly than The Great Christmas Light Fight , a show that pits families against each other in a competition to win a $50,000 prize. The light show put on by this neighborhood proves that there are some rewards hard work can bring that are more important than money—and in this case it's the satisfaction of a job well done, and some kickass aerial video proof of it.

Perhaps the most true-to-life part of this video are the poor drivers who happen to be rolling on by during the flurry of lights—you can see them slow down to a crawl, which I have to believe can only indicate that they were not expecting the beautiful madness that they encountered. You could watch this show a bazillion times and still not have any idea how they perfectly synced up what must be nearly a hundred flickering parts over the span of two blocks to perfectly change in time with the music. So while you're complaining about the cold while you hang up your one string of Christmas lights this year, just remember that you are nowhere near on this level:

Jeff Maxey on YouTube

Image: YouTube