7 Times Effie Trinket's Wardrobe Made Us Go Full-On Capitol-Envy — So May the Odds be Ever in Our Favors

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With the recent release of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1 , now seemed as good a time as any to celebrate the inimitable style of the Capitol's ultimate fashionista, Effie Trinket. Elizabeth Banks' character never ceases to amaze us with her avant-garde couture and we can only imagine the artistry and skill that must be required to construct these high-fashion creations. The reality is that Effie’s ensembles transcend fashion and will take their place in culture as works of art.

Costume designer Trish Summerville is the talented lady responsible for Effie's wardrobe and she has done an absolutely sterling job at creating looks that tell us so much about Effie’s character.

In the first movie, Effie is somewhat lighthearted (or delusional), and her outfits reflect said element of her personality. But in the second film, Catching Fire, her character becomes a little more serious as she fights an internal battle between her Capitol life and all that it entails and the pain she feels at seeing people she cares about put in harm’s way for a second time is very real. Summerville was mindful of this change in Effie’s countenance when putting together the wardrobe for the second movie, and again, her judgement cannot be faulted.

There is something about this kind of completely OTT couture that is absolute delight. Each costume is a feast for the eyes — packed with little details that may not be immediately noticed, but without which the outfits could not be considered complete.

So here’s to you, Effie, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Images: Color Force; Lions Gate Entertainment

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