Botox For Your Calves? Women Are Having This Surprising Procedure Done to Fit Into Boots

How far would you go to squeeze into a pair of boots? Some women are so committed to their knee highs that they are getting Botox on their calves to slim them down. I'm about to make myself sound elderly, but what the hell is this world coming to??? We're getting plastic surgery on our calves people! Why not get some boots that fit instead of, you know, forcing your body to fit your boots?

According to the Daily Mail, several women in the UK have opted to have the Calf Botox procedure performed on their legs. Here's how Mail describes the process: "With this treatment, the toxin is injected into the calf muscle, paralyzing certain nerves, and preventing it from contracting fully. This forced relaxation of muscle contours and slims the appearance of the leg. It may sound dramatic, but the procedure is designed to affect only a small proportion of the outer muscle fibres, so that you’re still able to walk normally afterwards." 'Kaaaaay. I don't know, it still sounds super bizarre to me, but then again, so does regular Botox. At least it's safe right? Or mostly safe — in extreme cases, Calf Botox could prevent the muscles from functioning properly, resulting in deterioration, injury, or death.

Mail profiled a woman named Zara (yeah, really) who states "desperately want[ing] to fit into a pair of trendy, black, knee-high River Island boots" as her reason for getting the treatment. Calf Botox seems to have started in Asia and is now gaining traction in the UK. I think it's frankly insane in any country, especially if people are doing it so they can fit into BOOTS. Anyone considering getting the procedure, may I suggest you check out this handy slideshow of boots specifically made for larger calfs instead?