25 Wide-Fit and Wide-Calf Boots and Booties For Those of Us In Need of a Little More Legroom

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No matter how much my size and weight have fluctuated since early adolescence, one body part has always remained the same: my calves. My mom used to call them my "soccer calves" and it's very possible that all those years of daily practice left me with the thick lower legs I've come to accept as a now-intrinsic part of my figure. Don't get me wrong; I by no means loathe or detest them, nor do I consider them a "problem area." And funnily enough, it's one of the few parts of the body I almost never hear women (or men for that matter) list on their "If I Could Change This About Myself" lists, either. Except, of course, when boot shopping comes around every autumn.

Having wide calves never seems like much of an issue, except when you're trying to shimmy into super skinny jeans or zip up some knee-high boots. If, like me, you look forward to fall shopping, though, then you know that the fear of not finding boots or booties that fit just right is a very real, and very traumatic (OK, maybe I'm being a little dramatic) one.

As plus-size fashion develops for the better, so, too are we seeing additional brands and designers embrace the wide-fit and wide-calf boot and bootie. Whether you have "soccer calves," cankles (I have those, too) or simply crave a little extra legroom, there are plenty of options to help break in the autumn this year.

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