20 Detox Drinks To Reset Your Body And Mind For 2015

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The morning after a night spent celebrating alongside everyone nearest and dearest to you (and an extra 600 strangers) can only leave you feeling one type of way: hungover. In the wake of all that champagne sipping, you need something a little less boozy and little more beneficial to get you started off on the right foot for 2015. (Not to mention, you've got to go back to the office tomorrow.) You need a detox drink that actually works.

The first day of the year is the best day to rest your body and your mind before diving headfirst into the post-holiday chaos. Everyone might think that New Year's Day is a day designed specifically for Seamless deliveries and greasy dishes, but really, they're wrong. You need heart-healthy brain food that'll leave you energized and excited, not comatose and bloated.

So before you pull up your last delivery order, think about whipping up something loaded with vitamins and nutrients. And if that isn't enough to sell you, these detox drinks will get rid of that nasty-as-all-hell hangover faster than a greasy burger from down the block will.

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