20 Detox Drinks To Reset Your Body And Mind For 2015

The morning after a night spent celebrating alongside everyone nearest and dearest to you (and an extra 600 strangers) can only leave you feeling one type of way: hungover. In the wake of all that champagne sipping, you need something a little less boozy and little more beneficial to get you started off on the right foot for 2015. (Not to mention, you've got to go back to the office tomorrow.) You need a detox drink that actually works.

The first day of the year is the best day to rest your body and your mind before diving headfirst into the post-holiday chaos. Everyone might think that New Year's Day is a day designed specifically for Seamless deliveries and greasy dishes, but really, they're wrong. You need heart-healthy brain food that'll leave you energized and excited, not comatose and bloated.

So before you pull up your last delivery order, think about whipping up something loaded with vitamins and nutrients. And if that isn't enough to sell you, these detox drinks will get rid of that nasty-as-all-hell hangover faster than a greasy burger from down the block will.

Image: Little Leopard Book

by Kylie McConville

For When You Need a Little Something Sweet

Before you even think about sneaking another cookie, try whipping up this pomegranate cranberry antioxidant smoothie from Bare Root instead. The trifecta of berries and sweets will satisfy your sweet tooth, while chia and hemp seeds keep you feeling full for longer.

Image: Bare Root

To Keep You Satisfied

Banana, almond, and flax seeds pack the perfect triple threat in this go-to morning banana almond smoothie from Cookie + Kate. So instead of mindlessly snacking all day, you’ll be free to do tons of other things, like… laundry! (OK, fine. Like watching season 3 of The Office on repeat.)

Image: Cookie + Kate

To Give Your Skin a Much-Needed Boost

Avocado, blueberries, cinnamon, ginger, and honey all pump a little much-needed moisture and hydration back into your skin. Now that we’re entering the long, unlovable days of winter, you’ll need this secret weapon skin-boosting blueberry avocado smoothie from the Little Leopard Book more than ever.

Image: Little Leopard Book

For When Your Immune System Needs a Pick-Me-Up

New Year’s Eve marks the end of a long, sleep-deprived holiday season, so your immune system is probably in a need of a big, big boost. Keep germ-free and healthy with this immunity defense smoothie from Making Thyme For Health. When everyone but you feels miserable back in the office, you’ll be so glad you did.

Image: Making Thyme For Health

To Give You A Little Extra Oomph

There’ll be days you just need a little extra pep in your step. We know it’s hard when your body’s telling you, “Just one more episode,” but this green monster smoothie from Naturally Ella will have you singing a different tune — fast.

Image: Naturally Ella

When You Need a Little Bubbly

You could buy a Pepsi, or you could reach for this life-changing drink from Quinoa, Kale & Exhale instead. Tough choice, I know, but the sparkling water in this sparkling green juice will satisfy your carbonation craving, and the green veggies will load you up with a week’s worth of vitamins.

Image: Quinoa, Kale & Exhale

To Make You Less Achy

What’s Cooking Good Looking raves about this turmeric smoothie and homemade hemp milk recipe because of the natural properties of the drink’s stand-out spice. After a few days of drinking, turmeric reduces aches and pains (aka today is the best day to drink this!).

Image: What’s Cooking Good Looking

For When You Need Motivation to Get Up Off the Couch

Beets are an amazing tool for your body; they get the blood flowing, which means you’ll be full of feel-good-energy. They’ve been dubbed “nature’s candy,” so we’re pretty sure you’ll love this beet juice drink courtesy of The Little Epicurean.

Image: The Little Epicurean

To Make You Feel Downright Amazing

New year, new you, right? Right? Right. So get things off to a kick start with a drink that will literally make you shine glitter from your head to your feet with this homemade kombucha tea recipe from My Darling Lemon Thyme.

Image: My Darling Lemon Thyme

To Ease An Upset Stomach

You spent all night by the snack table and this morning, your insides are really paying for it. [Insert crude poop joke right about… here.] Instead of staying close to the bathroom all day, try this vanilla, blackberry, oat, and almond milk smoothie. The oat flour helps ease your tummy troubles so you can actually enjoy the day.

Image: Joy the Baker

For When You Need A Little Break From Dairy

OK, look, no one wants to be the one to say all those creams, cheeses, and dairy-filled goodies did a number on you this holiday season, but if we’re being honest, they actually did. But instead of quitting cold turkey, try easing into it, with a smoothie that tastes deceptively creamy. This creamy chocolate avocado smoothie is thick and filling, so you can get your fix, without feeling like crap afterwards.

Image: Against All Grain

For When You're Low on Fuel... and Ingredients

You aren’t exactly working with a stock-piled kitchen the morning after the biggest party night of the year, so instead of ordering mounds of unhealthy takeout, you probably already have everything you need for this raspberry sunrise smoothie. It only has four ingredients.

Image: Damn Delicious

For When You're Looking for Something to Keep You Full

This green smoothie has peanut butter, spinach leaves, yogurt, and half a banana — everything you need to keep you feeling full all day long. We like the sound of that.

Image: A Beautiful Mess

To Keep You Extra Healthy All Year Long

Much like matcha, rooibos tea has 10 times the health benefits and antioxidants of regular steeped tea, so you can do a year’s worth of work in basically a day. Uh, we’ll take

as many rooberry smoothies as you’ve got.

Image: Love and Lemons

For When You Need A Satisfying Meal

Want to know the MVP of this ingredients list? The Greek yogurt berry medley smoothie owes its stars and stripes to Greek yogurt. It’ll make you feel full all day long, so you won’t constantly feel the urge to snack when you’re bored.

Image: Damn Delicious

To Satisfy Your Chocolate Craving

We get it! Sometimes, all you want from this world is a little bit of chocolate. When that happens, whip up this no-fuss chocolate banana smoothie with chia seeds. Perfect for every occasion, from breakfast to dessert.

Image: A Beautiful Mess

To Leave You Feeling Refreshed

This detox smoothie is packed full of carrots, apples, ginger, and orange — not to mention plenty of Vitamin A and Vitamin C to boot. Is there a more invigorating combo?

Image: Making Thyme for Help

For When You Just Want Some Kale

Hey! I almost made it through this entire post without talking about kale, but lucky for you, now I’m going to. The 2014 Vegetable of the Year makes yet another award-winning appearance in this super-green pineapple kale smoothie masterpiece. So drink up!

Image: Good Life Eats

For When You Need to Power Through

Feeling sluggish? This powerful pink vegan smoothie is full of beets, avocados, strawberries, celery, and other nutrient-packed goodies to help you make it through the day in one piece.

Image: Oh She Glows

For When You Just Want Something Delicious

This vegan recipe contains blueberries, banana, almond milk, and a pinch of cinnamon. Now doesn’t that just sound delicious?

Image: My Darling Lemon Thyme