Artist Phil Ferguson's Crocheted Food Hats Will Have You Laughing All the Way to the Fridge

What could possibly be better than food you can eat? Food you can wear, of course! According to the Huffington Post, Australian artist Phil Ferguson makes incredible crocheted food hats that are so impressive, you may be tempted to chow down on them. Don't, though — something tells me a doughnut made of yarn isn't as tasty as a doughnut made of, well, dough.

Ferguson, whose Instagram handle is chiliphilly (Hi, be my best friend please?) has garnered some serious attention on social media for his elaborate headgear shaped like pizza, sushi, cupcakes, and more. As one of the least crafty people on the planet — I used to cry when trying to sew the ribbons on my ballet pointe shoes when I danced in high school — I can't even begin to imagine how Ferguson creates his designs.

The artist has only been posting since the beginning of August, but he's already amassed 3,700 IG followers and most of his images get between 500 and 1,000 "likes." In addition to the HuffPo piece, he's also been featured in the pages of Australian art and design publication frankie magazine

Ah, the power of the Internet. I love how easy it is these days to discover amazing artists like Ferguson. Check out some of chiliphilly's best designs below! And have a snack handy — I have a feel you're about to get hungry.