Ralph Lauren Debuts NYC Restaurant, the Polo Bar, and It's Exactly What You'd Expect From the King of Prep

What is mahogany, plaid, and preppy all over? That would be the Polo Bar, Ralph Lauren's new restaurant in New York City. Situated in Midtown West near Fifth Avenue's most prominent designer boutiques, the Polo Bar is Ralph Lauren epitomized. A coffered ceiling with rich, mahogany-hued wooden beams and geometrical light fixtures that look vaguely nautical illuminate the dining room's white-clothed tables and plaid accents, as well as the chestnut-colored banquettes and traditional herringbone wood floors. If diners weren't yet convinced of the restaurant's preppy, gentlemen's club vibe, equestrian paintings and polo game–detailed cocktail glasses provide further proof.

In an interview with The New York Times, Lauren elucidated that his intention was to create a classic dining space of sorts instead of a super trendy spot that has a moment in the spotlight before fading away. The business philosophy behind the Polo Bar sounds uncannily similar to that of Lauren's lauded fashion house, which more often looks to traditions of the past as opposed to flash-in-the-pan fads of the present and future. Explained Lauren:

I’m about longevity, I’m about timeless. It was not my idea to be trendy. I don’t want to be the hot restaurant. I want to be the restaurant you want to go to twice a week.

Despite the somewhat prim accents that adorn the space, Lauren's menu won't consist of various foams and the latest in gelatin forms, instead concentrating on classic comfort foods including all manner of beef — from burgers to thickly stacked sandwiches — and bar snacks aplenty.

Based on the restaurant's modus operandi, it seems safe to assume that this country club–style haunt won't be the place to sight hard-partying celebrities like a certain Cipriani Downtown. However, if you desire a satisfying but likely expensive burger with a side of old-school charm, the Polo Bar is bound to be your place.

Image: ralphlauren/Instagram