9 Gifts for Tom Hiddleston Fans That Are Perfect for the Bedroom

Are you or someone you know in need of some serious new Tom Hiddleston goodies that are perfect for the bedroom? First, get your head out of the gutter, because these are not those types of gifts. However, if you or someone are a Tom Hiddleston fan aka a Hiddlestoner and are in need of some new pajamas, pillows, or other bedroom items, then go no further.

Here are nine gifts that will please any Hiddleston believer and those hoping to spend their evening with the man who made Loki lovable. Now, get buying!

Watch Hiddleston in Bed

Every Hiddlestoner can’t get enough of the actor as Loki in Thor, so why not watch him from the comfort of your own bed?

Thor, $19.96 on Amazon

Sleep With Hiddleston

If you know someone who wants to sleep with Hiddleston (I mean actual sleeping!), these pillow cases are for them. They come in several styles and are double-sided.

Tom Hiddleston Pillow Case, $16.99+ on Etsy

Wear Hiddleston to Bed

Combine the comfort of a night shirt with the face of Hiddleston as Loki, and you get one perfect pajama piece.

Loki Women’s Nightshirt, $34.50 on CafePress

Slip Into Something Comfy for Hiddleston

Bedtime can be all about comfort, which is exactly what this “I Love Tom” pajama set offers. I think Hiddleston would approve.

J’aime Tom Pajamas, $49.50 on CafePress

Cuddle With Both Hiddleston AND Cumberbatch

As we all know, Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch are BFFs, so why not admire these two as you cuddle in bed? That’s right, they both star in War Horse from Steven Spielberg.

War Horse, $8.95 on Amazon

Dream of Hiddleston

For writers and dream believers, this notebook makes a great accessory for those looking to keep track of Hiddleston dreams and write Hiddleston poems.

Tom Hiddleston Notebook, $5.00 on Etsy

Read With Hiddleston

A Hiddleston bookmark? Now you can take reading in bed to a whole new level.

Hiddleston Bookmark, $5.00+ on Etsy

Spoon With Hiddleston

Now, it doesn’t look like him, but it’s the thought that counts. This mini-stuffed doll emulating Hiddleston as Henry the 5th makes great for a cuddle partner.

Henry the 5th Doll, $38.00 on Etsy

Gaze at Hiddleston

This Loki poster would look perfect on your wall (or ceiling), so you can gaze at Hiddleston all night long.

Loki Poster, $7.05 on Amazon