Whoa. Don't You Dare Talk About Tom Like That

Tom Hiddleston is one man who has captured the hearts of many, in addition to earning one very loyal fan base. Hiddleston fans continue to adore the man for his dance moves, his singing powers, and playing the evil Loki, among many other reasons. If you thought Cumberbitches were passionate, so are Hiddlestoners. Yes, that's the name fans of the multi-talented man have given themselves, and Hiddleston actually loves it. Duh. It's no surprise he adores his fans. Just look at that friendly face and smile.

As he told Vulture, "I’m flattered. They’re amazing. The Hiddlestoners are an extraordinary group of people." He added, "That’s kind of amazing, isn’t it? The [fans are] very articulate, very creative. Listen, I get letters from some of the Hiddlestoners, and it’s some of the most articulate, eloquent writing I’ve ever read. I should be so lucky that I have an army of followers. My goodness."

Bless this man. Seeing that Hiddlestoners are very articulate, you might want to try avoid offending them, if you're not a true Hiddleston believer (how can there be such a ghastly thing?!). I don't think they'd take to insult, silly statements, or ridiculous questions too kindly. For example, here are 17 things you probably want to steer clear from when chatting with a Hiddlestoner.

"I don't get the obsession with Tom Hiddleston."

Well, if you don't get the adoration for this man, then I just don't have the time to explain it. Plus, it's pretty obvious. Bye.

"I'm sick of everyone talking about Tom Hiddleston."

Then plug your ears, because I don't think it's going to stop for a long time. Hiddleston and his fans are here to stay.

"Did he play Thor in Thor and The Avengers?"

*Facepalm* No, he didn't. Everybody knows he played the villain Loki. Despite being evil, we all love him for it. Seriously, no one else will ever be Loki to me. Oh, and sorry Chris Hemsworth, but as gorgeous are you are, I'm choosing Hiddleston over you.

"He can't dance."

If you think this, then you've obviously never seen him dance. Or, if you have, then you're clearly jealous. Just look at those sweet dance skills. Get it, Hiddleston!

"Why is he BFFs with Benedict Cumberbatch?"

Why wouldn't he be besties with the Sherlock actor? Who wouldn't want to be friends with either of these two? This question is just absolute nonsense.

"He needs to stop singing."

That's like saying he needs to stop acting, and both are extremely preposterous. Now that he's portraying country singer Hank Williams, he needs to perfect that beautiful singing voice.

"I bet he's not as nice as he seems."

How. Dare. You. Based on every one of his interviews and chats with fans, he, obviously, is the nicest guy in the world. I'm sure anyone could learn some manners and niceness and from him.

"He's not even that hot."

It doesn't matter if he's hot (he totally is) or not (you couldn't be more wrong). All that matters is that he's giving back to the world... with his smile, laugh, dancing, singing, niceness, and, of course, his hotness.

"He doesn't compare to that AT&T commercial guy."

Don't get me wrong, I love Beck Bennett in those AT&T ads with the kids, but Hiddleston playing Loki and challenging children is beyond hilarious. Thank you, Comedy Central.

"He will never break Tumblr."

Do you hear that noise? That just me laughing hysterically like Hiddleston in this gif. Trust me, the breaking of Tumblr can and probably will be done thanks to all those Hiddlestoners out there.

"A Hiddleston cupcake sounds disgusting."

Anything resembling Hiddleston sounds delicious. Who doesn't want to eat his face? Too much?

"His attempt at Shakespeare is laughable."

Clearly, you've never seen Hiddleston do Shakespeare. It's pure magic and just another talent this genius man embodies. I'm pretty sure he could get anyone to love any and all Shakespeare plays.

"Why doesn't he stand up for women?"

*Facepalm* Do you see the shirt he's wearing? Hiddleston is one huge supporter of feminism. He even backed up Emma Watson's gender equality stance. Thank you, Tom!

"It'd be cool if he said something inspirational."

Have you not been listening? Hiddleston has a way with words and I could listen to him talk all day. Maybe he should become a motivational speaker?

"When is he going to do an animated feature?"

Well, he already has. He starred as James in Disney's The Pirate Fairy , where he even showcased those lovely vocals. Oh, and he also voiced "Statue Griffin" on Family Guy. So there.

"He looks terrible with long hair."

I'll just let this gif speak for itself.

"Tom Hiddleston is yesterday's news."

Actually, he's news every day, but nice try.

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