Tom Hiddleston Is Really Proud of Cumberbatch

by Kadeen Griffiths

It's here, it's here, it's finally here. No, not the Emmys or the Oscars or anything like that. It's time for the list of nominees for the 2015 Golden Globe Awards, to recognize excellence in film and television and all things Benedict Cumberbatch. I mean, was anyone really surprised at Cumberbatch's nomination for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture Drama? You know who else wasn't surprised by this turn of events? Tom Hiddleson. As you probably know by now — if you're a frequent Bustle reader — Hiddleston and Cumberbatch have been friends for years and that's a constant source of joy and excitement for us. So how did Hiddleston react when he heard that his BFF Cumberbatch had been nominated for a Golden Globe?

Well, I have no idea because, sadly, Hiddleston is not in my house right now and I don't have him on speed dial to take a selfie of his own face for me. You know, for the sake of journalism. However, knowing the actor as well as I do from stalking him on the Internet from money, I was able to guess an approximate timeline of events and match them with corresponding gifs. This way, we have a pretty rough sketch of the kind of celebration I'm sure Hiddleston is partaking in as we speak.

He Was Every Bit as Nervous as We Were This Morning

You know, because he wanted Cumberbatch to get a nom so badly. Friends support friends.

He Watched the Announcements with Baited Breath

They Were Taking So Long to Say Cumberbatch's Name

But at least he had some glorious popcorn to eat while he waited.

Then That Commercial Break Happened

They Finally Announced the Nominees For Best Performance by an Actor

Cumberbatch for the win! (Well, for the nomination)

It Was a Victory For Everyone

He Called Cumberbatch Immediately to Scream in His Ear

He Told Him How Proud He Was of Him

He Promised to Buy Cumberbatch a Drink Next Time They Were in the Same Place

But who knows when that will be considering their crazy filming schedules?

He Hung Up the Phone and Did Some More Screaming

Their friendship gives me life, you guys.

Image: thfrustrationprompts; justhiddles, benedictandhiddleston, tomhiddleston-gifs (9)/Tumblr