Benedict Cumberbatch's Tom Hiddleston Impression

It's no secret that the recently betrothed Tumblr prince Benedict Cumberbatch is a talented mimic. The guy can do impressions better than most people who think they can do impressions, and he frequently does so at the whims of whoever's interviewing him. Most recently that was MTV's Josh Horowitz, who got Cumberbatch to do a Tom Hiddleston impression that I've now got on repeat.

Horowitz is uniquely talented in steering celebrities into delightful situations — he was, after all, the one responsible for that truly amazing Hiddleston slumber party a year ago. This time around he found a way to trap Cumberbatch into doing whatever he wanted: With a lightning round where he didn't have time to contemplate all the blogs these impressions would land on.

These impressions are pretty great. I don't even have one impression ready to go, and he just whipped all of those out at a moment's notice. Then again, one of us is an actor here and one is decidedly not.

Cumberbatch explores many here — some good (Sean Connery, Michael Caine), some not so good (Christopher Walken, Taylor Swift). But his Hiddleston is the highlight here: He's got the cadence down pat, and even that particular way Hiddleston holds his face*. It's almost like they're friends or something!

Ball's in your court, Tom: Where's your Cumberbatch impression?

*I miiiight have watched too many Hiddleston interviews?