The Emotional Stages of Viewing LC's Instagram

by Tess Yocom

Lauren Conrad's come a long way since her days on reality TV. Take one look at her Instagram and you'll notice that she's no longer an 18-year-old spending her days tanning on Laguna Beach. In fact, she's made quite the name for herself. The entrepreneur runs her own blog, has a clothing line at Kohl's, and just tied the knot with William Tell this year. But since we can all admit that we follow her life nonstop, you probably already knew that.

Yeah, Conrad's no joke in the DIY world. In fact, it appears that she spends the majority of her days making adorable desserts or coloring metallic pumpkins to have the best jack-o'-lantern in the neighborhood. She's basically the queen of Thanksgiving baking and Christmas decorating. Watch out, Martha Stewart.

But what do we really think of all of those Instagram snapshots as we're looking at everything she posts? I mean, she knows how to use a filter to make a photo look good. Oh, and she knows the value of a well-placed puppy photo.

Here are 19 questions we all have when we're scrolling through Lauren's Instagram feed. Because — let's admit it — no one can pose a bowl of veggies quite like she can.

1. That Filter Is Perfect

But really. The light is flawless. Did she use Valencia? Sierra? Some super expensive filter only the rich and famous can have? Yeah, probably that.

2. I’m Sure Those Guys Who Broke Her Heart on Reality TV Feel Like Complete Idiots

Their loss.

3. Hmm... I Might Try Out Ombré

Maybe? Yeah, it won’t look as good as hers, so maybe not.

4. Speaking of Hair, Did She Cut Hers Again?

I'm a little bummed that her long waves are gone, but no one can pull off a bob quite like she can.

5. She Does Have Lots of Pictures of Her Dog

And I have lots of pictures of my cat. That means we’re the same person, right?

6. Why Aren't We Best Friends Yet?

I'm so down for pizza and wine night.

7. I Guess Lo Will Have to Do

At least someone from Laguna Beach didn't end up being a complete douche.

8. Her Selfies Look Super Familiar

It's that left cheek look in EVERY photo.

9. How'd She Do That?

Uh, I could try that IRL, but it wouldn't be pretty.

10. Seriously, She's a Queen

Watch out, Martha.

11. Another Bouquet

Everything I know about floral design has been taught to me by Lauren's photos.

12. I Should Probably Stop By Kohl's

I mean, it is my chance to dress exactly like her.

13. She Nails (LOL) Nail Art

And shows off some cool rings, too.

14. She Baked Something

Not really a shocker here. Just wish I could have some.

15. She Looks EXACTLY the Same in Her #TBTs

It's scientific proof that Lauren Conrad did not go through an awkward middle-school stage.

16. She Just Outdid My OOTD

Excuse me as I go home and change.

17. Uh, Why Wasn't I Invited to Her Wedding?

I'm sure my invite just got lost in the mail.

18. Those Veggies Somehow Look Cool

She may or may not run her own farmers' market.

19. Is It 5 O'Clock Yet?

Uh, is that lavender?

Images: @laurenconrad/Instagram (20)